NEW FABRIC being released… I don’t have it… yet…

K, so, I’m lusting after this fabric. Like I want it. All of it. Please just let me buy it. I think if I got it I would just make a pile (a real pile) and lie on it. I don’t know if I could cut it. I could only cut it if I had enough to still look at lovingly. Maybe I could put it in a frame? Ok enough so this is the fabric.

Don't Be Koi

Don’t Be Koi

Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale’s for Cloud9 Fabrics. Ok so I’m not a big fish fan. I like fish. I use to fish. I eat fish but I’m not a big fish on fabric fan. BUT that purple makes me forget all that.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

The colours are so fresh and pretty and this design is just so interesting but not too busy.

It's a Plus

It’s a Plus

This is a perfect contrast to the Ebb and Flow. The dark grey background really makes the colours pop.

The Way of Flowers

The Way of Flowers

Speaking of flowers. So the best part of this line is that since it is Cloud9 it is ORGANIC! I love organic cotton! Don’t even get me started on non-organic cotton issues but alas not many quilt fabric companies have gone organic. But Cloud9 knows all about organic and they do it soooo well!

Pennants Waving - Plum

Pennants Waving – Plum

The Pennants come in 2 colourways. Plum and Ivory.

Scallop Edge - Gray

Scallop Edge – Gray

I LOVE this fabric. LOVE may not be strong enough.  I think it is just the way the colours pop right out.

The last fabrics are great complementary fabrics.

Smile and Wave - Reed

Smile and Wave – Reed


SMILE AND WAVE! What a perfect name!  So for my birthday this year, or for a “Hey Amanda, I think you are so swell I bought you some fabric” moment, get me this, all of it, in vast quantities. Is it rude to demand gifts like this? Sorry if it is but I’m not going to stop being rude right now. I WANT IT!



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