End of Summer Sale

Every year I look forward to the end of summer. I know I’m weird. BUT. There is this amazing festival I take part in every Labour Day weekend and it is amazing!

The festival is called Shelter Valley Folk Festival and it takes place in a farmer’s field on a hill in the heart of Northumberland County (Ontario)  just outside of a little town called Grafton. It turns 10 this year. I have been a part of it for the last 7 years. I help out in the outdoor kitchen feeding 400 volunteers. It is one of those amazing festivals where you feel like you are home as soon as you set foot on the ground there. You should check it out. You should volunteer, the food is amazing.

In honour of this happy weekend I’m having a sale in my shop. 20% off of everything! I have tons of new items coming very soon and I need room for it. I’ve been busy buying new fabrics and coming up with plans. To take part of this deal use the coupon code SVFF10 while checking out. The flannel blankets would be perfect for naptime at home or daycare and are absolutely perfect for cuddling up under on a cool fall day or basking on soaking up the last warm rays of summer.



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