I’ve neglected my blog and my readers. Do you feel neglected? I’m sorry. Someone lied to me. They said that transitioning from one child to two was easy. EASY!?!?! Holy cow! I feel like all I do is run from one thing to the next. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. It has been one of my toughest challenges ever. Trying to learn how to parent a toddler for the first time ever and rescuing a mobile, daredevil infant from all sort of disasters sure keeps me busy. 


Crazy toddler!




Pasta face!

Please note the fancy new highchair. Someone (Char Char) can not be contained. Our very beautiful, family heirloom, wooden highchair was not conducive to containing this wild animal. We tied her in and she just seemed to know how to escape! I spent my dinners with my hands on her holding her in. We purchased this one with a 5 point harness because that was the only thing that would contain her!!! Famous words I mutter everyday “My first child wasn’t like this!”. 

I’ve been sewing up a storm in my down time and really enjoying that escape. As the holiday season closes in on us I feel like this year has gone too fast!!! 

Super cute toddler nap quilt.

Super cute toddler nap quilt.

So exciting fabric news…. I joined a monthly stash club! The Intrepid Thread is one of my favorite fabric shops. The fabric choices and combos are always to die for! They have a couple of stash clubs but I went for the Rainbow Must-Stash Club (hearty har har). I love colour! Love it! This one is just perfect for me. So this is what I recieved in the first bundle and I loved it all. Note I went for the 1/2 yard with solids bundle, fat quarters just didn’t feel like enough fabric to do something fun with and really is there such a thing as too many solids???? If you said yes to that then please send me all your excess solids and I will love them like they should be loved. 



I’m so excited to get my next bundle!!! Which should be soon. So here is a sad story that is very happy. As a part of this club they send you out an invoice every month and you choose to buy it or you don’t. So if you suddenly think that you don’t have the money for it that month you can just simply skip it. Easy peasy. I like not feeling trapped into purchases. So, I somehow missed the invoice this month. I emailed them asking if I missed it, if I did something wrong or is it still on it’s way? I swear within 10 mins of emailing I got a response that I had had some how missed it (I always forget to check my junk mail in a timely fashion). The most excellent news was that they still have my bundle and we were able to get it all sorted out in a matter of minutes. Now that is fabulous customer service!  Once it comes in I will post it and the a list of all the included fabrics (and will list the above fabric list) so you can all be jealous and feel like you need to join the club too. I know some of you don’t sew but don’t let that stop you from joining. I’m always willing to take fabric off your hands ;p


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