Thursday got a new Theme

My friend Mrs PTB has decided to run a great little event this year.  Every Thursday has its own theme to blog about. It doesn’t have to be a crafty or witty blog but just something closely related to the theme. You should give it a try. Check out the details right here.  ThemeThursday

Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… If you want to join in and I think you should here is the list for the year!

1/2/14 – one
1/9/14 – equal
1/16/14 – arctic
1/23/14 – bottle
1/30/14 – ice cream
2/6/14 – snow
2/13/14 – flat
2/20/14 – lights
2/27/14 – memories
3/6/14 – three
3/13/14 – circles
3/20/14 – green
3/27/14 – fast
4/3/14 – slow
4/10/14 – fuzzy
4/17/14 – egg
4/24/14 – chain
5/1/14 – force
5/8/14 – button
5/15/14 – legacy
5/22/14 – drive
5/29/14 – thrown
6/5/14 – vintage
6/12/14 – tie
6/19/14 – summer
6/26/14 – pride
7/3/14 – stars
7/10/14 – boom
7/17/14 – sugar
7/24/14 – science
7/31/14 – frost
8/7/14 – fruit
8/14/14 – square
8/21/14 – whirl
8/28/14 – button
9/4/14 – apple
9/11/14 – stripe
9/18/14 – pirate
9/25/14 – blue
10/2/14 – fast
10/9/14 – leaf
10/16/14 – eat
10/23/14 – yellow
10/30/14 – boo
11/6/14 – dots
11/13/14 – paper
11/20/14 – new
11/27/14 – fizz
12/4/14 – give
12/11/14 – green
12/18/14 – glitter
12/25/14 – bright


Merry Christmas!

I just want to give a big thank you to all of you who take the time to stop by and read my blog and support my business. I know I’m not the most consistent blogger but I have hopes that 2014 will be an amazing year for us all! I hope this holiday season treats you and your loved ones well. It is such a crazy time of the year but I love digging through all the commercialism, all the hype and looking at the things that are being done to bring other’s joy.

Stockings                                                                                                                                                  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Felt Food

I have this amazing collection of Moms who I talk to daily online. They are my sanity. They are my sounding board. They are an inspiration. And sometimes they like to push my creative abilities. We had done a busy bag exchange where we each made 15 sets of one busy activity for our toddlers and then we exchanged it. Then we decided to do felt food. This was ambitious. Very ambitious. We moved the project complete date at least 2 times, if not more.

This was my contribution. stack

Cheeseburgers!!! They took sooooo long! Ok they didn’t take that long, but I thought they would take a long time so I procrastinated because I was scared. Totally logical if you ask me.

burgersThey turned out so cute! Not perfect but cute all the same. It is a fact that I suck at hand stitching! And that I wussed out and didn’t do half of the toppings I was suppose to.

toppingsKetchup, Mustard and Relish! What more do you need for a burger?

cgeese2Cheese of course! Crinkly cheese that holds a shape!

burgerThey almost look good enough to eat! I wanted to do onion slices, pickles and lettuce but I ran out of time. Some other moms are making other food that will work perfectly for toppings.

I used a pattern for all this from Sweet Emma Jean! I’m creative, but not this creative! They seriously have some of the cutest felt food patterns (and the coordinating felt to go with it!). The directions were super easy to follow and even though my hand sewing is atrocious they look adorable still. Felt food goes for a pretty penny online. The materials can be costly (if you use wool felt) and it is time consuming. I’m really excited to get my box of felt food from the rest of the group. Community projects like this are my favourite! We each do some work and we end up with so much more in the end! Community!




November Rainbow Must-Stash Club

Here are the fabrics that came in November from the Intrepid Thread fabric club. I already have a couple of them in use!


This month had lots of dots! Fun dots too! Not just your garden variety dots.



I really liked getting 4 from the same collection! The red and green are put to good use already!

They are from the Scrumptious line by bonnie & Camille. They are the dots in Lime, Orange, Red and Pink.

Next we have 2 fabrics from the Legacy line by Angela Walters.

brokehThey are Genealogy in Azul and Oro. This fabric has a great feel to it. The pattern on it reminds me of a bokeh (brokeh?) in a photo with Christmas lights in the background.

The last pattern fabrics I received were from Andrea Victoria by My Mind’s Eye.

large dotsThe dots came in 3 colour colourways fuchsia, gold and Aqua. The 4 different colours in each adds more interest than the traditional 2 toned dots or the multi colour.

This month also came with a set of solids.

solidsPink, green and blue. All great colours to add to my solid colour collection. I resist purchasing solids so this is great!

A little behind the scenes look for you. I have to take photos quick or my material is quickly taken!

helpHow can you get mad at this face though?

help 2Both my girls are lining up to be fabric fashionistas. They both steal whatever they can get their hands on. If I don’t put it away it often becomes doll blankets, capes or tents!

I hope this week I will recieve my fabric for December!!! Merry Christmas to me!






Rainbow Must-stash Club

I joined a fabric of the month club and I am addicted. There is something exciting about putting your faith in someone else to pick fabric for you. Ok not really just you but a large group of people. I have no problem picking out fun fabrics to buy, like I could do it in my sleep. When I really look at my fabric stash I just have a pile of fun fabrics but nothing really to connect them together. So this club is perfect! It is through The Intrepid Thread ( and Julie the owner has a great eye for fabrics. I have bought a couple bundles from her before (see the fabric in the banner? That was all her!) and they are always beautiful not to mention I covet most of the fabrics she carries in her shop.


I was super excited for my first pack and I was not disappointed!



A rainbow of colours!!!!

stack2It was just so pretty!

So here is what I recieved!

randomOn the left we have Hummingbird in Dusk by Tula Pink and on the right we have from the Heirloom collection Block Print in Crimson By Joel Dewberry. Tone on tone fabric is so great for so many projects!

orangeThese two are from Sunnyside by Kate Spain. On the left is Shine in glow (the picture does not do the colour justice, I need photography lessons for Christmas) and on the right is Prism in Blaze. I never buy orange fabrics but I love the oranges that came in this pack!

dotsThese three are from Hello Tokyo by Lisa Tilse. We have (from left to right) the Sugoi Tiles in Adventure, Rainbow and Ebony. Up until now my fabric collection had zero black fabrics. Pushing my limits! I love it!

collageThese are from the Collage collection by Carrie Bloomston which I have wanted since I first saw it. On the left is Scattered Newsprint in Red and on the right is Collage Texture in Aqua.

There were three solids in this pack which were a royal blue, mustard yellow and a deep pinky red. I couldn’t get a good picture of them without looking washed out. Blast my lack of photography skills.

I’m so excited to start a project using some, any, all of these!!!! Here is a linky to the fabric clubs The Intrepid Thread has ( I’m pretty sure you can join at any time. If you have questions about the clubs just send them an email. Julie is super quick at getting back to you and super friendly!  Is anyone else in a monthly fabric month club? How do you like it?