November Rainbow Must-Stash Club

Here are the fabrics that came in November from the Intrepid Thread fabric club. I already have a couple of them in use!


This month had lots of dots! Fun dots too! Not just your garden variety dots.



I really liked getting 4 from the same collection! The red and green are put to good use already!

They are from the Scrumptious line by bonnie & Camille. They are the dots in Lime, Orange, Red and Pink.

Next we have 2 fabrics from the Legacy line by Angela Walters.

brokehThey are Genealogy in Azul and Oro. This fabric has a great feel to it. The pattern on it reminds me of a bokeh (brokeh?) in a photo with Christmas lights in the background.

The last pattern fabrics I received were from Andrea Victoria by My Mind’s Eye.

large dotsThe dots came in 3 colour colourways fuchsia, gold and Aqua. The 4 different colours in each adds more interest than the traditional 2 toned dots or the multi colour.

This month also came with a set of solids.

solidsPink, green and blue. All great colours to add to my solid colour collection. I resist purchasing solids so this is great!

A little behind the scenes look for you. I have to take photos quick or my material is quickly taken!

helpHow can you get mad at this face though?

help 2Both my girls are lining up to be fabric fashionistas. They both steal whatever they can get their hands on. If I don’t put it away it often becomes doll blankets, capes or tents!

I hope this week I will recieve my fabric for December!!! Merry Christmas to me!







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