Felt Food

I have this amazing collection of Moms who I talk to daily online. They are my sanity. They are my sounding board. They are an inspiration. And sometimes they like to push my creative abilities. We had done a busy bag exchange where we each made 15 sets of one busy activity for our toddlers and then we exchanged it. Then we decided to do felt food. This was ambitious. Very ambitious. We moved the project complete date at least 2 times, if not more.

This was my contribution. stack

Cheeseburgers!!! They took sooooo long! Ok they didn’t take that long, but I thought they would take a long time so I procrastinated because I was scared. Totally logical if you ask me.

burgersThey turned out so cute! Not perfect but cute all the same. It is a fact that I suck at hand stitching! And that I wussed out and didn’t do half of the toppings I was suppose to.

toppingsKetchup, Mustard and Relish! What more do you need for a burger?

cgeese2Cheese of course! Crinkly cheese that holds a shape!

burgerThey almost look good enough to eat! I wanted to do onion slices, pickles and lettuce but I ran out of time. Some other moms are making other food that will work perfectly for toppings.

I used a pattern for all this from Sweet Emma Jean! I’m creative, but not this creative! They seriously have some of the cutest felt food patterns (and the coordinating felt to go with it!). The directions were super easy to follow and even though my hand sewing is atrocious they look adorable still. Felt food goes for a pretty penny online. The materials can be costly (if you use wool felt) and it is time consuming. I’m really excited to get my box of felt food from the rest of the group. Community projects like this are my favourite! We each do some work and we end up with so much more in the end! Community!





2 thoughts on “Felt Food

  1. These are beyond awesome!! Great job! Post pic of the complete set of food when you have it. This project is genius! Wish I could sew!

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