Theme Thursday – ONE

I think this Theme Thursday stuff is going to kick my butt into gear. I wasn’t sure what to start with but when I think of ONE I think of this turkey brat  darling angel.

In one month exactly she will be one! Holy cow! Where did that time go? I will admit 2013 was quite possibly the crappiest year I’ve had in a long time. Chars has been a light in this year. Except for her love of pooping, that has been gross and crappy (ha!). She has such a sunny disposition and loves to laugh. I haven’t decided if we are going to have a birthday party for her yet but I at least wanted to make her a dress for her birthday because I did for her older sister.

Here’s my sweet Alice in her party dress.

dressThose two could be twins! Alice’s nose is slightly orange. I may have fed her too many carrots. Those suckers are so easy to make. Have I mentioned before I’m a lazy parent?

So I have a vision for Char’s first birthday dress. It will be a similar dress to the one above but it will have a fuller skirt with a pettiskirt under it. The fabric isn’t in for the dress so I started with the pettiskirt.  To go with the dress I thought a nice yellow pettiskirt peaking out from underneath would be great. I got out the fabric bin and happily found a skirt precut in a ziplock baggy. Oh happy day! It was like a present to me! Thank you past me for thinking ahead!


I’ve been told by a couple people that they find the thought of making these skirts intimidating. So here are some tips. You should drink while doing them. If you don’t drink you should do something that relaxes you. These really aren’t scary and they are super forgiving because there are so many ruffles to cover your mistakes.

skirtSee you can’t even tell I drank like four knuckles of rum while I was making this. Next tip, forget pinning. Pinning is a waste of time and energy (except when you attach the skirt to satin, then pins are your friends). In the case of the pettiskirt close is enough. See that piece to the right of presser foot? That was all excess because I didn’t pin and fiddle. My solution trim it off, serge it together. The result looks perfect!


I easily saved myself an hour of pinning, swearing and poking. I lost a lot of blood before I figured that out.

topI started making these with an elastic waistband that attached to a ribbon to tie. Don’t do that. Kids don’t know how to tie. Some poor mother will have to tie, re-tie, tie again and then deal with untying it when the kid wants out after she has quadruple knotted it so she could have some peace. Do that poor mother a favour and just put a full elastic waistband in and attach a bow to the front. Then the kids can dress themselves and Mom can have some peace and quiet and tequila.

trimOH how I love the ruffles! Well here is to ONE. My baby being ONE! AND having at least a gift done for her if nothing else. Way to be prepared!


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