12 in 12

2013 is history. I’m so looking forward to 2014 but I want this year to have some purpose and something to show for it. SOOOOoooooooo I’m committing to 12 things in 12 months and I want you to join along! This year I’m going to make 12 quilts in 12 months. I hear someone laughing, Katie stop laughing and I promise yours will be in your hot little hands before the month is done. You don’t have to make quilts to join in. Just pick 12 things and do one a month. Maybe it will be to read a book each month, try a new restaurant (I may try to do this too), take 12 pictures, remember to vacuum 12 times or go to the gym 12 times. I don’t care what it is just have something to show for yourself that you did something this year! I will post pictures during the month but on the last Friday of the month I will have a special post showing my finished product(s) and if you are joining in we can showcase all the stuff completed.


January is whole cloth quilt month for me! I have a couple quilts that I am trying desperately to finish so I wanted something quick and easy this month to fit in when I need a mental break from the other quilts.  So they will be like the one pictured above (I wish I had more of that fabric!), simple fabric sandwiched with a nice warm centre and then quilted.

So join in! Join the insanity! I promise by the end of the year you can at least say that you tried! What is your 12 in 12 going to be?


4 thoughts on “12 in 12

  1. I will try and use my sewing machine at least once a month (which will be 12 more times than last year). I won’t commit to a quilt a month…but I will try and complete at least one sewing related project each month. This should also help with another 12 in 12 – getting rid of 12 boxes that are causing clutter 🙂

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