Theme Thursday – Equal in a toddler world

A toddler’s concept of equal and fair is always humorous to watch. In honour of today’s theme I thought I would run a little experiment. Can Alice share her favourite snack equally with her sister? My bets are on no.

I gave Alice a fresh pack of Mushies. They are a great yogurt and fruit drop treat. For sure a favourite snack in our house. I then told her she had to share equally with her sister.


Look at how impressed she is. Ha! She decided to start with a pile. A real pile.


Chars is giving her the stare down. She is serious about her food, mushies especially.


Alice made some piles, unmade the piles and made the piles again.


That front pile was for me apparently but was then reabsorbed into her own pile.


All hers! She does in fact share fairly equally through this. Giving one to her sister and one for herself.  Even a whole handful at one point.  But the handful was more like 5 and paled in comparison to her massive pile.

IMG_8138I reminded her that sharing equally meant they each had the same amount. There was a protest! Look at that teenage look of defiance!!

IMG_8125So Alice comes up with a great solution… in her mind.

IMG_8124Pieces! I will just break all of Chars into pieces!

IMG_8149In the end she just gives Chars the bag.

IMG_8151A completely empty bag. Then she swept all the ones she didn’t want to eat on the floor. Interesting.

So I guess we have confirmed that in a toddler world equal doesn’t really mean to much of anything. Sharing also just means giving as much as you currently want. And that sometimes you might as well just give the extras to the dog instead of sharing with your hungry sister.



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