I can’t just buy one thing.

I stopped by a local chain fabric store to pick up one thing. One piece of red satin. Just one piece. Maybe a 1/2 metre or maybe a full depending on the cost. Fabric in Canada tends to be expensive. You can find the fabric in the states for $9.50/yd and the same fabric here is $18/metre. A metre isn’t THAT much bigger than a yard. So when I shop in store for fabric in Canada I tend not to buy much unless there is a sale. A really good sale. Today there were some great sales. The satin that I wanted was $4/metre which is a huge score! Then I found this stuff.

All 3 of these were calling my name. At $4/m how could I say no? The only problem is they are polyester. Do people still use polyester? I’m so use to cotton that I have no clue how to use these! I’m thinking scarves. Will they be too hot?

dot chevThis orangey red modern chevron looks retro to me with all the dots. It caught my eye from the distance. I’m really, really tempted to make a two sided scarf with it with this on the other side.

starsI love these little stars and circles! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do the scarf idea. Will I sweat to death in a polyester scarf? Please school me in the ways of non natural fibres. I understand a poly/cotton blend but straight polyester makes me think of bowling shirts and my uncles old shirts from the 70s that I stole borrowed from the cottage.

houndstoothGIANT HOUNDSTOOTH! Each tooth is the size of my hand! I’m quite smitten with these 3 fabrics but I’m soooooo intimidated by their silky, billowiness that I must some how control while I sew. My fingers ache with the threat of many pin pricks in my near future. Any great tips out there?


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