Block of the week – Jacob’s Ladder

My picture quality sucks today. I’m sorry. Too tired. Need to learn more. Etc.

I needed a block that was quick and easy and found this one. The name of it makes me think of my friend Beth (Hi Beth!). Once upon a time she and her family lived in this little oasis beside a set of stairs called Jacob’s Ladder (now this is how I remember it so if it isn’t called Jacob’s ladder don’t tell me, I’m living in my dreams and I like it here). My great friend Lesley (Hi Lesley!)  and I would go over to Beth’s house in the morning sometimes and Beth because she is Suzie Homemaker would have just whipped up a batch of muffins. We would sit and eat muffins and talk and let me tell you, those were some of my favouritest days of my life. I miss those days. A couple times we even climbed up that ladder and went for a walk.


Second week in a row where I’m not happy with my fabric choices! I need more scraps. I wanted to use the easy method of doing this so I needed some larger scraps and those were far and few between. I’m trying really, really hard not to dig into my fabric supply and just stick with scraps. I digress. So this weeks turned out even better than last weeks. Look at these points!

IMG_8302The points int he middle are spot on. DON’T LOOK AT THE OTHER POINTS because they aren’t as good. But this one is marvelous. I have no clue how long it will take me to learn to take time to square up my blocks. It’s not like it takes a long time to do and it will make the end product so much better. Next week I will make sure to do this.

IMG_8304See that middle point in the above picture. Spot on! The blocks lined up perfectly! Then when I don’t take the time to square the rest (and I knew this would be an issue before I sewed it but I seemed not to care last night) this is what happens.


That is one sad match up point! If this was for a quilt for someone else I would be ripping that sucker apart. Is there really a thing as a perfect quilt? I say there isn’t. I feel like every quilt I’ve made there are always areas where I would have done something different, one point that didn’t match exactly or just one fabric choice I would change. To me that is what makes quilts so beautiful, they are like humans, their little ‘flaws’ make them unique and more loveable. What do you think?


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