Theme Thursday – Arctic

Today I am slightly embarrassed. You know that feeling of dread in your stomach when you realize that you were wrong and that people have been probably laughing at you behind your back? I’m there. I’m going to admit it here though because I think it will feel better to get it out there. AND I feel slightly better after a quick Google search that I am not alone in my mistake. So here goes…

I love the movie Elf. I don’t know if love is a strong enough word. It is one of my top Christmas movies of all time. I watch it all year. I may have also forced my oldest into loving it as well. I don’t know what it is about the movie but it doesn’t get old to me. As a result of seeing it 50 billion times I have used many quotes from the movie in everyday life. So this is where the embarrassing part comes in, I’ve been misquoting one line. GASP!

In this scene Buddy just finds out that he is human and takes off running through the snow to go talk to Leon the snowman.


He runs past this group or hooligans I mean animals. One calls out asking Buddy to pick snowberries. Buddy answers “Not now Arctic PUFFIN”. PUFFIN he says PUFFIN. Since the first time I watched it I thought he said “Not now Arctic Puppets.” I’m devastated. Not that puffins aren’t great, because they are. Did you know that puffins will sometimes eat too much and then be to heavy to fly? Interesting fact I learned in Newfoundland on the longest whale watching trip ever where we didn’t really see whales and got horribly wet and Alice freaked out. Arctic Puppets would just have been more fun.

Anyway I think my quote is way better and I’m slightly sad that it is Arctic Puffin. At least I’m not alone in my misquote as there are a lot of others misquoting it.


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