Block #3

I went away on an extended girls weekend. It was good. I’m almost recovered. I haven’t laughed that much in ages. It did my soul good even if we only went to Scarborough which isn’t quite Toronto.

Here is a happy looking block. I needed sunshine today. Lets not discuss how much my seam ripper was used. Next week there will be no triangles, or half square triangles. anger

EDIT: Sooo after posting this my husband pointed out that this block looks like a swastika. I never saw it until he pointed it out. To me I thought it was 4 interlocking diamonds. I thought about taking this post down but I have decided to keep it up. The swastika has been given a bad wrap and for many many years it was a sign of well being. Anyway I’m going to use this as a reminder that colour choices can make a huge impact on final design. If I had used other colours this may not have been as obvious. Also that maybe I should take more of an objective look at the things I am creating. I apologize if my quilt block offends anyone.


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