Theme Thursday – Bottle

I’ve been meaning to make these for a bit. Mrs PTB is making me get things done!

bottlesI will not take credit for these. I totally stole the instructions from Disney Baby. The blue one is a wave bottle and the purple is a glitter bottle. Well both have glitter. I LOVE GLITTER! (but not when my 2 year old plays with it)

IMG_8556It is very hard to get a picture of the wave. I tried, I mostly failed, you get to see the results.

IMG_8555I’m not even going to admit that the bottles were the most expensive part of this project (opps, did I just admit that?)

IMG_8551I was being picky. I wanted smooth bottles. I may have bought Smart Water. What is Smart Water? Am I smarter now? Why is it so expensive? On principle I’m against bottled water and very against claims to make me smarter when I don’t feel it is true.

IMG_8534I still need to glue the lids on. I’m not allowed to use crazy glue.

IMG_8523I’ve been known to glue myself to myself every time. I’ve been banned.

IMG_8580I may spend a lot of time looking at the glitter one. Many hours of watching glitter float around.

IMG_8570I found a new section at Michaels today. A glue section. It made me strangely happy to know there are that many different kinds of glue. Most of which were not so powerful that I have been banned from using them.

IMG_8564Clear glue makes me think of grade school with those little bottles with orange lids with the slit in them. Do you know what I’m talking about? Like the one on the right only clear glue.


Ahh the good old days. I always ended up with glue on me back then too. Then I would peel it off. It was a weird feeling.

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