Must Stash – January

This months Must-stash club had my emotions all over the place. IMG_8589

There were some ups and downs when I got everything out of the package (which I ripped open in the post office parking lot, impatient much?) Overall though it was an excellent month!

This one is from Legacy by Angela Walters. It is Classic Tiles in Custard. It’s a nice mellow yellow.


The solids this month weren’t ones that I would normally pick but I can see them working in projects as fillers.

IMG_8610The middle is a really nice pale yellow. I think with these three the mustard throws me. I’m sure that it will be a welcome addition to a quilt if it has the right colour pallet.

The next 3 are from Andrea Turks Theodore & Izzy collection. They are ditsy flower in grey, pink and turquoise.

IMG_8609The pink has already been claimed by a certain daughter of mine! Hahaha. Black and white or grey and white in this case always challenge me. I don’t know what it is but I always feel myself thinking that there is no way I would use that in a quilt. I think I’m still dealing with my issues with dark quilts made with hunter greens, cranberry, navy blue and any dark colour will take me there. I think I need to force myself to make a grayscale quilt.

Some of those fabrics I could see myself picking out but not all of them. BUT that is why I love this club. I have too much of fabric that I consider star fabric. Fabrics that I want to showcase. I need these other fabrics for their supporting role. However, these next fabrics made me jump for joy.

IMG_8599When I saw them. I thought there was a mistake, or that someone was copying fabric patterns (not cool!). I ripped one out of the package and read the selvage. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Smile and Wave from the Koi collection by Rashida Coleman. I have some of this already but I covet the whole collection. I wrote about it previously here. Now I have all the Smile and Wave colourways! Plum, Water, Reed, Shell and Rose! ALL ORGANIC! My organic fabric bin is very happy with this! I was so surprised to get 2.5 yards of organic fabric!!!

I have mentioned that I love The Intrepid Thread and this Must-Stash Club makes me happy. Well I’ve been debating another one of their clubs. It is a block of the month club.

photo 1(1)I’m really not a fan of busy quilts. Too much going on or too much quilting really isn’t my thing. Yet, there is something about this quilt. I have no clue what it is. I had firmly told myself that I would not be a part of this group. Then I saw the first month block. The Intrepid thread blogged their first block. I was sold. They have the option of doing either a Calm or Intense version and I am normally one to go for calm colourways. Not this time. The intense block was yelling at me! This is going to be soooo much fun!


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