Theme Thursday – Ice cream

I don’t know how it started. That is a lie. I do know how it started. I just don’t want to admit it. I started going to this gym which is right around the corner from my house. In the summer we walked. In the winter we drive. We are lazy. Or  I just may hate bundling everyone up, fighting over who goes in the stroller and then walking toddler pace around the corner to just unwrap everyone again. It is quicker to drive. Anyway. This gym has a Tim Hortons in the parking lot. When Alice goes to the gym she thinks she gets to go to Tim Hortons for “two doughnuts, chocolate please” (timbits really) on the way home.

I use to entertain this because it meant I could get a sprinkle doughnut (and maybe a sour cream glazed (ok definitely also a sour cream glazed)). Then I stopped going because really I was just not burning enough calories to eat that doughnut (ok two). So I stopped, but Alice didn’t. She really likes to go inside but this past week it was too cold, I was too tired, I knew if I saw the doughnuts my will would be gone. So I did the reasonable thing and went through the drive through. Alice was not happy. Alice was very unhappy. I then promised her a date on the weekend to go to the doughnut store, just the two of us.

The day came for our date and I was super excited to go out with just her. When I asked her about it she said “I want ice cream. Daddy take me. You stay home.”. WHAT A BRAT! (a cute brat who is all mine). You know what made me the most mad about this situation? Ice cream sounded way better than a doughnut. In the end we all went as a family on a day where the locals were saying ‘Stay home! The roads are horrible!’. It was snowing and blowing and drifty and cold. We all thought it was just another winter day. I fear the day that I turn into a Southerner and hibernate whenever it gets cold or it snows. Until then we will eat ice cream Blizzards in a blizzard and think nothing of it.




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