No more babies in this house

Chars turned one. I had some serious angst about this day but once it arrived I was cool with it. 

You have to have 2 cakes. Who wants to eat a mangled cake with 1 year old spit on it?


This was the adult cake. One of my friends made a similar cake (only much prettier) with sprinkles on the side and I had to try.


Mmmm, sprinkles!

The smash cake was so much fun to make! And I used a ton of food colouring… opps.IMG_8650

Off course we had a lot of other food! This is an aftermath photo.


We had a leftover gingerbread house so we made a Valentine’s Day house. Alice had been waiting to make one with her Grandma for a while.IMG_8692

She ate more candy then she put on the house, she’s my daughter.IMG_8689

Must seriousness is involved in decorating.


Always fashion conscience Alice had to wear a dress, a skirt and  a pettiskirt.IMG_8676

The finished dress! I LOVE THIS DRESS!IMG_8725


Alice of course wanted to help with the cake. IMG_8735



Charlotte thought the candle was pretty.IMG_8739

And was ticked off when it was blown out on her.IMG_8740


She refused to dig in without a spoon. IMG_8752


She got good and messy and Alice was on top of clean up. My job as a parent is done!IMG_8773

It isn’t a party until the party girl cries!IMG_8778


Here is a peak into the cake. POLKA DOTS!!! It was so much fun to make! I used Once Upon a Pedestals’ tutorial that you can find here. I have wanted to make this cake for years. Item officially crossed off my bucket list!


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