Theme Thursday – Snow

There has been no shortage of snow all across North America. I have friends all over the USA and it has been fun hearing the stories of snow in areas that normally don’t get any snow. It is hard for us up here in Canada to understand how 2″ of snow can bring a city to a stop (unless you live in Toronto, hahaha). The reality is that most areas that don’t get snow don’t have the infrastructure, machines and know how to deal with it. It is no fault of their own. Just like I have no clue what to do in a tornado except run to the basement and hope I pick the right wall to hide behind.  There is one amazing thing that seems to occur all across North America in extreme weather and that is Community.

Yesterday our town was hit with a pretty substantial storm. Lots of snow and lots of blowing. The schools were open and the busses were running much to many a student’s hopes. By midday things were a mess. I had to run out to pick up the oldest from daycare and I almost got stuck many times. This really cool thing happened though. Tales of community spirit started to spread across social media. People were pushing people out of snow banks, digging each other’s cars out of parking lots and clearing each other’s driveways. In a time where there seems to be so many who are just out there looking out for themselves it was really nice to see people stopping and helping each other. The girls and I set out to clear the driveway and our amazing neighbour came over and cleared our driveway with his snowblower. It would have taken me hours to clear it and he accomplished it in 10 mins. Then I looked up and down the street and my heart warmed a little more, there were people out all over the place, helping each other, laughing, sledding  and being good neighbours. Our neighbourhood came out of hibernation and came together to help each other.

Community makes me happy. I need more community in my life.


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