Theme Thursday – Flat

On here I don’t talk a lot about myself beyond my kids, my love of fabric and sometimes my love of food. So today is a special glimpse into me. I know most of my blog followers personally so some have already seen this but other’s have no clue about me. I’ve always struggled with my weight. Even when I was super skinny and should have not had to worry about anything I still saw myself as fat because my bone structure was bigger than most of my friends. If only I was as skinny as I was the first time I thought I was fat! What I would give to have a flat stomach again.

Shortly after my youngest was born I struggled with life. Things weren’t going well to say the least. I was overwhelmed with 2 kids, on my own a lot of the time, had one child who was sickly and I was suffering from postpartum depression. I was encouraged by my doctor and other’s in my life to get active again. I joined the gym around the corner and man has it changed my life. When I first started I was more than discouraged. I cried in the middle of classes because I couldn’t do the simplest things. Having 2 babies in a short amount of time ruined me. I had no abs, no core strength and no endurance. I wasn’t active during my pregnancies beyond daily life.  I think the only things that kept me going were the amazing encouraging ladies at the gym and my husband’s disbelief that I would keep going (he likes to play on my stubborn streak which takes on challenges). I kept plugging  away. I felt like I was making progress and I was. I was slowly gaining strength and endurance and feeling a bit more normal.

In September they announced a new program that would be run in small groups called Metabolic Training. I had no clue what it was or what it entail but I signed up. I asked the instructor (my kettle belle teacher) if she thought I could handle it and she said “Absolutely!”. So starting October 1st I met up with 3 other amazing ladies, our trainer 3 times a week for 4 weeks at a time and I have changed my life!  This is me on day one of our training.
IMG_6740 (1)I totally thought I was looking good there! And I probably did look amazing compared to where I started in April. I wish I had taken pictures back then. I took pictures every week or two to show me my results. I am so glad I did! So this is me after 2 months.

IMG_0300 (1)HUGE CHANGES! But here is the kicker. I had lost like 12″ overall but I hadn’t lost any weight. Not one pound. I cried often about this. I had cleaned up my eating a bit but didn’t deprive myself. Then I went 2 more months and this is how I looked.

IMG_1076Even more changes! AND I was down 4 lbs. 4 lbs! Only 4lbs! I lost 17″ overall and my scale hasn’t budged much at all. So I wanted to make this post to encourage other women (and men) that our scales lie or at least don’t tell the whole story. If I hadn’t been taking these photos I would have quit long ago. I let that scale determine my worth for far too long. I have made huge changes and I will continue my journey at my gym but I refuse to let my scale tell me anything any more. I can’t give it up completely but I no longer let that number tell me that I’m fat or skinny or anything.  Muscle weighs way more than fat. I’ve lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. See those numbers on those photos? It’s just a number. I don’t care who knows it any more. That number does not define me.

Oct Dec Febweight

Here is another amazing part of my journey. When I signed up for the training I didn’t really think I could do it. I thought that I would be doing half of what everyone else was doing. I had significant back issues that I thought would limit me. My trainer admitted that even though she said I could absolutely do this she had her doubts. I have been able to work through it all and exceed all expectations that I had for myself and what my trainer had for me. This has taught me not to put limits on myself. Sometimes you just have to jump in and see where life takes you. I’m well on my way to my flat stomach again. Once I get there this time I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to remember that my flat tummy housed, nurtured and expanded to grow two beautiful babies.  I’m going to remember that I worked my ass off to get it back. I’m going to remember that I’m so lucky to have so many encouraging and amazing women in my life at my gym The Social Club. I’m going to remember that even though she had her doubts that my trainer Paula Reid chose to encourage me to keep going to see where my limits were and that she believed in me enough to keep pushing me when I said I couldn’t do any more.

So whoever you are, wherever you are on your fitness journey stop letting your scale define you. I’m so unathletic, so uncoordinated and so lazy it has always been a joke. If I can do this any one can.




5 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Flat

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  2. I didn’t comment when I first saw this, but am coming back. You should be so proud of yourself! Hang in there with school, too. I’m cheering you on!!!

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