Theme Thursday – Lights

The midnight oil has been burning in this house. Not because I’m up sewing fantastic things. I so wish that was the cause. I’m a procrastinator by nature and I have a course to finish including two assignments. I need to be done by next Friday so I’ve had the lights on late and very early trying to get everything done and pass this course. Please remind me that I suck at independent learning courses if I try to sign up for a new course. I need more structure.  The other thing that sucks is that it is a nutrition course. Normally when I study I grab a bag of double stuffed oreos to reward myself for reaching goals. I can’t even go there. I’m reading about how everything we eat is going to kill me. So while you are sleeping soundly in your bed with no lights on think of me up late, all the lights on, nibbling on some celery.



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