Theme Thursday – Memories

This theme is really fitting for today. I have sort of studied for my exam this morning. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and going over things but I have gone without my normal memorization of things. It seems like this section of my Nutrition and Disease course was all covered in past courses I took. This has flooded me with memories of more carefree times (As I try to sneak studying during nap time I wish I had known what my future would bring!), classmates long forgotten, assignments that I wish I had kept and just how much learning I have done in my lifetime. This morning I pulled out this baby.

photo (23)This pencil case was made for me in High School by my friend Connie. We exchanged gifts every year. We used the same bag to wrap the gifts in. I love this pencil case. I’m not even a big fan of animal print but it was made with love by her hands. I miss Connie. Connie if you’re out there say hi! This pencil case has seen me through honour roll in High School, a BSc.,  a brief stint studying for teaching assistant, Ecosystem Management Diploma and Teacher’s College. Not to mention a couple jobs and now a Nutrition course on my journey to become a Lactation Consultant. This is one smart pencil case! When I dug it out this morning I found a memory stick in it. Exploring it was a wealth of treasures as well. I’m pretty sure I stole it from my in laws (Hi guys! Sorry!). It has some old tax files on it but it also had a small collection of photos. We were just babies!



Look at all the hair! (Don’t kill me for posting this J!)

Halloween 020


I don’t remember seeing this picture before. That’s my husband and I dancing our first dance. I love that dress! I loved that day! I still love that man!

TA Wedding 035

Wish me luck! Cross your fingers that my memories remain!



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