Fabric Monday – Lotus Pond by Rae Hoekstra For Cloud 9 Fabrics

You know what happened this weekend? Snow. Do you know what else happened this weekend? Sickness. It is suppose to be spring! We are suppose to be able to throw open our windows and clear out the grossness. Sunday was better outside but we were too sick to enjoy anything beside our first BBQ of the season. I may have also enjoyed these beautiful fabrics.

I’m craving bright, fresh, summerish fabrics and these fulfill all my needs.

snail trail multi

Snail Trail Multi

What is happier than some cute little colourful snails? Maybe some beautiful lotus flowers?



These are from the Lotus Pond collection by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud9, which means they are organic!! Nothing screams spring and summer more than frogs!!!



They remind me a little of the frogs from that classic computer game Frogger. Anyone else?



I really like that the frogs aren’t in green. Something a little different but I like it! There are some lovely feminine prints in this collection too.





The butterflies and flowers make me happy after this long, crappy winter.



The Fluttering Fields strikes me as very retro. I’ve done a couple quilts where this would have fit right in.



This collection is released this April! To see it all check out Cloud9’s website here.




Theme Thursday – Fast & 12 in 12

I’m combining two things today. I’m obsessed with this quilt that I made. The colours make me happy. I made it in 2 days so it was fast and it fulfills my need for a quilt this month for 12 in 12 (12 quilts in 12 months).  I’m warning you, this post will have many pictures because I love this quilt sooooo much.


I woke up Monday morning feeling guilty. You know the Mum guilt you hear about (or experience first hand)? It eats away at your soul. I was feeling guilty because poor Miss CharChar didn’t have a custom made quilt by Mummy!


I had made her blankets but hadn’t gotten around to a quilt for her. Her older sister has 4 quilts. 4!


I was the worst Mum ever! I am totally giving my kids complexes! If CharChar could talk she would tell me ‘you love my sister more than me!’


And she might be right. JUST KIDDING! I totes love Miss CharChar more. KIDDING! But I did feel bad that she didn’t have a quilt yet.


I  had this layer cake of Moda’s vintage modern fabric that I bought a couple years ago at a store that no longer exists. So I dug it out and put it to good use.

photo 3(2)The colours are perfect for a little girl. (Don’t get mad at me for talking about girl/boy colours see it has red and blue and green too!) And look at how those squares line up! Perfect! Not every one is that perfect but the ones that do make me really happy.


I think Miss CharChar loved it! She even hid under it.


Where’s the baby?


She blends right in!

IMG_9195Poor thing was a wee bit sick that day.


photo 3(1)

The sickly baby and I cuddled up under it and watched some tv. Rest is very important when you are ill.


The first day of making this quilt I managed to piece the entire front. Then that night I went to bed and my oldest woke me up (aka scared the poop out of me by standing and staring at me) at 2:30am and then I was awake, wide awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about the quilt and what I was going to put on the back. I first thought of a teal damask that I had and then thought of this geometric pattern (Geometric in Aqua for Fun & Games by Riley Blake) and knew one or the other would be perfect. At 3am I was still thinking about it so I tried to read to get my mind off of it. At 3:30am I desperately tried to go back to sleep and at 4am I got up and made the rest of the quilt. I didn’t have enough of the Geometric so I HAD to add in this other fabric (not sad at all!).

IMG_9186The back makes me uber happy. Katie that fabric in the middle is leftover from your quilt! I love that fabric. It is Garden Rocket in Turquoise in the Lilly Belle Collection by Bari J. Ackerman. I may have to order more. I think a little dress would be perfect in this for the one of the girls.


The binding I think is perfect, in my opinion. I like my bindings to stand out a bit from the rest of the quilt. The green is very close to the green in the fabric in the main quilt. It was from my latest Rainbow Must-stash club and is Bee My Honey collection by Mary Jane Butters for Moda Fabrics.



And I love it!!!!!

Did any of you complete a goal project this month? I want to hear about it!

Next month I’m going to make Alice a quilt for her bed so it looks complete for once instead of a pile of various blankets and quilts. She says “I like pink and purple” so I guess that is what she is going to get.


Block Tuesday – Gypsy Wife Month 2

I fell in love with this block!aaMonth two of the Gypsy Wife Block of the Month was called Pershing. It was fiddly. I ran into issues and I learned a lot. Story of my life!

This is the gentle version of the block.

aIt was my learning block that I did first. It’s so pretty you easily forgive the mistakes.

Then I did this bold patterned one.



I wish I had done a couple of the cuts differently but it will do for now!

This is the version that I was sent and it is intense for sure!



What one is your favourite?





Theme Thursday – Green

I’m late again! Sorry. I didn’t know what to write about. I like green. I have green things. Grass is green. Leaves are green. Stupid winter stole all our green. I will never see green again. Green I miss you! That was all I had which does not make a great blog post. So here is a list about the things I have learned since being new (green) to quilting.

1. It is incredibly hard to sew in a straight line.

2. Sewing overtop of a finished piece is called quilting and it actually does something. (I was so confused about this part before I started)

3. Fabric is flipping expensive and addictive. No matter how much you have you will always want more and you will always be fabric poor.

4. When you arrive home with your fabric it is totally acceptable to put it in a huge pile and roll in it.

5. If a quilt looks easy you are dead wrong. It will be hard and you will make a lot of mistakes but they will be your mistakes and you will learn something.

6. Getting lines to line up is hard work.

7. Sewing machines are dangerous and can hurt you.

8. Quilts shrink, a lot and you need to take that into account when designing it.

9. Cutting in a straight line is hard. Even with a good ruler.

10. Rotary cutters are dangerous and can hurt you.

11. Friends will ask you for interesting quilt designs and you will agree and then you will hate your friends but then you will love them because you learned something new and cool and they are forgiving when things aren’t perfect.

12. You will want to plan a quilt, buy fabric, cut the fabric and start sewing it together then get excited about the next quilt and plan it, buy the fabric, cut the fabric and start sewing. The next thing you will know that you will have 5 quilts on the go.

13. Free motion quilting is hard. Unless you have a beer or 5, then it’s easierish.

14. No matter how beautiful the quilt you are working on  is you will see another quilt by someone else and want to make it too.

15. Nothing makes you happier than cuddling up under a quilt you made.

If you haven’t quilted before you need to. You really don’t need anything special, special things just make it easier. It is hard to obtain perfect but quilting isn’t hard. The imperfections make the quilt even better and a quilt with a mistake is just as warm as a quilt without a mistake. Go quilt!



Fabric Mail Monday! March Rainbow Must-Stash Club

Obviously this published on the wrong day! Pretend it happens again on Monday ok?

I’m not going to lie. Our mailboxes are down the street and when I pick my fabric up from the mailbox and I don’t wait until I get home to open it. In fact I opened this in the parking lot of my chiropractor before going in for my appointment. I was tooooooooo excited to wait. The Intrepid thread does an amazing job at picking fabrics for the Rainbow Must-Stash Club. This month is no exception.

firstMy eyes were drawn to the honey combs!

fanHow fun! They are from the Bee My Honey collection by Mary Jane Butters for Moda Fabrics. The colours are great and the honey combs come in a great selection of colours.

happy honey comb

The little Bee Hives are so cute! I’m pretty sure they would look perfect in a little dress.


happy hives

The other patterned fabric in the package was from the Meadow collection by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery. Art Gallery fabrics always have such a great feel to them.

happy dotsThese are the Sprinkled fabric in Morning (blue) and Noon (orange). After looking at this collection I want more of it! IF only I wasn’t on a fabric buying ban! I’m only allowing myself to get this club each month and fabric for custom orders.

The solids this month were great especially the green! It is a perfect green for March!solid

Block Tuesday – BOM edition

It was a very productive morning. I’ve been awake since the 3:30am monsters invaded my eldest’s room which made her run into my room and scare the crap out of me. Anyway my heart was racing too much and then my brain was turning circles so I got up at 5am and got to work.

photo (24)

Did I tell you that I’m doing a Block of the month club (BOM)? If I didn’t, pretend I did. Soooooo I’m making this beauty.


Isn’t it pretty. It is very unlike me. Too busy, too many colours, too perfect really. Of course like anything I do I’m running behind. So this morning I did block one. But I was thinking since it is just one block a month I should do a couple quilts at the same time. So I present to you BOM block 1 in 3 different colourways.

3This one is nice and gentle and I think I will have a lot of fun picking fabric that is pretty for this version.

Then I picked the fabric for this version and it is just crazy! I’m in love with it!

2I think this one is just going to be about bold prints and patterns.

The next one is made of the fabrics that I was sent. It is called the intense version.

1GAH! I can’t decide which one I like the best! Can you?

compareIf it really isn’t your style I get it. But hang in there with me, I think it will get interestinger! (Yep I just used interestinger, deal with it :p)
Side note: All ready to ship washcloths are on sale in my shop. I’m phasing them out. They give me stress. They take too long. I take too long to list them. So if you want some before they are gone place an order ASAP! Linky

Fabric Mail Monday! February’s Rainbow Must-stash Club

Running behind on life so today you get February in March. I’m turning back time just for you!

I love the simplicity of this months fabric choices for the Rainbow Must-stash Club.


This month was full of  the Citrus line from Windham fabrics. I’m usually pretty meh on many Windham fabrics but this line is simply fun.


The triple line in orange and yellow if a fun twist on a normal check.

citrusThe large check in aqua reminds me of math in high school. We seemed to use graph paper a lot and this looks just like it. I want to colour in squares with pretty colours to make interesting pictures just like I did in high school while I was bored in the back of the class.

graph paperThis next fabric I think is what makes me love the collection.

jj bedI’m almost positive that my brother had a bedspread made of fabric like this. It brings back warm fuzzies of a happy childhood. Hear that Mum? I think I had a happy childhood!

All these colours together make me happy. They almost make me forget about all the snow and blah we had this winter. Almost.