Theme Thursday – Circles

I am lazy. If you don’t believe me ask my Mum. Mum tell them, I’m lazy. I’m probably the most productive lazy person you will meet. So today I bring you my lazy circle tutorial.  I recently had to make 64 circles for a certain Dresden Plate quilt I’m making. Hi Katie! I know you didn’t want to ask the last time we were texting. I know I keep giving you false hope promising that I will be done. But can I tell you that your quilt is on it’s final stages and by far is the most elaborate quilt I’ve made, the biggest quilt I’ve ever made and the quilt I’ve learned the most from? My seam ripper Rippy McRipperson (I’ve named him) have spent countless hours together because of your quilt. Since it’s a wedding present lets say it represents a marriage. Things are going well they look great and then you hit a problem. So you stop, you talk about it, you figure out which of you should change and then you both realize that you should work on it together, you take a few steps back, google some stuff (ok you don’t do that in a marriage but you do with quilts) and then you pick up the pieces, put them back together in a new way and it’s even more beautiful. I think I almost cried at that analogy.

What is this? A marriage blog? Sorry I will get back on track.

One day I was at Michaels and I found this amazing circle cutter!


It is Ek Tools Circle Scissor. It was for paper. BUT I was sure that I could cut out fabric circles. WRONG. All my circles were weird and not right. BUT I could draw circles on my fabric, BAM! Life is good!


So I had to make these circles. I find circles hard in sewing. Maybe that is just me, maybe not. So I googled some stuff getting ready for this. I found this really cool tutorial for circles with tin foil! TIN FOIL! I found it on Craftsy here  by Sarah Fielke. So basically you cut out your circle out of cardboard, then cut a slightly bigger circle out of your fabric. You put your fabric with the cardboard on top in the middle of a piece of foil.


Then you carefully fold the foil up which then folds your fabric up and over the cardboard making a perfect circle.

packageThen you iron the foil package.

foilThen you open it and you have this!

ta da fiolOk that was not clear at all, you should go visit the Craftsy tutorial. Sarah does a much better job of explaining.  The only problem for me was that it was fiddly. I don’t do well with fiddly. Remember I’m lazy. So then I found this tutorial which had another approach.  Sew two circles together, cut a hole in one and then flip it inside out.

before flipThen I looked at the 50 million circles I was going to have to cut and then snip the edges and I said “I’m too lazy!”. So then I came up with this plan. Take two square pieces of fabric like this with a circle drawn on one side.

sew on lineThen sew on the line and cut out with pinking shears and flip inside out and press. Easy Peasy!com tin turn

It’s even more round than the foil method. And quicker. I only have to cut one circle and not even accurately! If only I didn’t have trouble with picking the right size for the circle! I redrew circles so many times! Here is the finished product.

aTada! However, I didn’t like the thread colour so Rippy McRipperson came back out and I changed it up.

Circles conquered!!!!


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