Fabric Mail Monday! February’s Rainbow Must-stash Club

Running behind on life so today you get February in March. I’m turning back time just for you!

I love the simplicity of this months fabric choices for the Rainbow Must-stash Club.


This month was full of  the Citrus line from Windham fabrics. I’m usually pretty meh on many Windham fabrics but this line is simply fun.


The triple line in orange and yellow if a fun twist on a normal check.

citrusThe large check in aqua reminds me of math in high school. We seemed to use graph paper a lot and this looks just like it. I want to colour in squares with pretty colours to make interesting pictures just like I did in high school while I was bored in the back of the class.

graph paperThis next fabric I think is what makes me love the collection.

jj bedI’m almost positive that my brother had a bedspread made of fabric like this. It brings back warm fuzzies of a happy childhood. Hear that Mum? I think I had a happy childhood!

All these colours together make me happy. They almost make me forget about all the snow and blah we had this winter. Almost.



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