Block Tuesday – BOM edition

It was a very productive morning. I’ve been awake since the 3:30am monsters invaded my eldest’s room which made her run into my room and scare the crap out of me. Anyway my heart was racing too much and then my brain was turning circles so I got up at 5am and got to work.

photo (24)

Did I tell you that I’m doing a Block of the month club (BOM)? If I didn’t, pretend I did. Soooooo I’m making this beauty.


Isn’t it pretty. It is very unlike me. Too busy, too many colours, too perfect really. Of course like anything I do I’m running behind. So this morning I did block one. But I was thinking since it is just one block a month I should do a couple quilts at the same time. So I present to you BOM block 1 in 3 different colourways.

3This one is nice and gentle and I think I will have a lot of fun picking fabric that is pretty for this version.

Then I picked the fabric for this version and it is just crazy! I’m in love with it!

2I think this one is just going to be about bold prints and patterns.

The next one is made of the fabrics that I was sent. It is called the intense version.

1GAH! I can’t decide which one I like the best! Can you?

compareIf it really isn’t your style I get it. But hang in there with me, I think it will get interestinger! (Yep I just used interestinger, deal with it :p)
Side note: All ready to ship washcloths are on sale in my shop. I’m phasing them out. They give me stress. They take too long. I take too long to list them. So if you want some before they are gone place an order ASAP! Linky


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