Theme Thursday – Green

I’m late again! Sorry. I didn’t know what to write about. I like green. I have green things. Grass is green. Leaves are green. Stupid winter stole all our green. I will never see green again. Green I miss you! That was all I had which does not make a great blog post. So here is a list about the things I have learned since being new (green) to quilting.

1. It is incredibly hard to sew in a straight line.

2. Sewing overtop of a finished piece is called quilting and it actually does something. (I was so confused about this part before I started)

3. Fabric is flipping expensive and addictive. No matter how much you have you will always want more and you will always be fabric poor.

4. When you arrive home with your fabric it is totally acceptable to put it in a huge pile and roll in it.

5. If a quilt looks easy you are dead wrong. It will be hard and you will make a lot of mistakes but they will be your mistakes and you will learn something.

6. Getting lines to line up is hard work.

7. Sewing machines are dangerous and can hurt you.

8. Quilts shrink, a lot and you need to take that into account when designing it.

9. Cutting in a straight line is hard. Even with a good ruler.

10. Rotary cutters are dangerous and can hurt you.

11. Friends will ask you for interesting quilt designs and you will agree and then you will hate your friends but then you will love them because you learned something new and cool and they are forgiving when things aren’t perfect.

12. You will want to plan a quilt, buy fabric, cut the fabric and start sewing it together then get excited about the next quilt and plan it, buy the fabric, cut the fabric and start sewing. The next thing you will know that you will have 5 quilts on the go.

13. Free motion quilting is hard. Unless you have a beer or 5, then it’s easierish.

14. No matter how beautiful the quilt you are working on  is you will see another quilt by someone else and want to make it too.

15. Nothing makes you happier than cuddling up under a quilt you made.

If you haven’t quilted before you need to. You really don’t need anything special, special things just make it easier. It is hard to obtain perfect but quilting isn’t hard. The imperfections make the quilt even better and a quilt with a mistake is just as warm as a quilt without a mistake. Go quilt!




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