Theme Thursday – Fast & 12 in 12

I’m combining two things today. I’m obsessed with this quilt that I made. The colours make me happy. I made it in 2 days so it was fast and it fulfills my need for a quilt this month for 12 in 12 (12 quilts in 12 months).  I’m warning you, this post will have many pictures because I love this quilt sooooo much.


I woke up Monday morning feeling guilty. You know the Mum guilt you hear about (or experience first hand)? It eats away at your soul. I was feeling guilty because poor Miss CharChar didn’t have a custom made quilt by Mummy!


I had made her blankets but hadn’t gotten around to a quilt for her. Her older sister has 4 quilts. 4!


I was the worst Mum ever! I am totally giving my kids complexes! If CharChar could talk she would tell me ‘you love my sister more than me!’


And she might be right. JUST KIDDING! I totes love Miss CharChar more. KIDDING! But I did feel bad that she didn’t have a quilt yet.


I  had this layer cake of Moda’s vintage modern fabric that I bought a couple years ago at a store that no longer exists. So I dug it out and put it to good use.

photo 3(2)The colours are perfect for a little girl. (Don’t get mad at me for talking about girl/boy colours see it has red and blue and green too!) And look at how those squares line up! Perfect! Not every one is that perfect but the ones that do make me really happy.


I think Miss CharChar loved it! She even hid under it.


Where’s the baby?


She blends right in!

IMG_9195Poor thing was a wee bit sick that day.


photo 3(1)

The sickly baby and I cuddled up under it and watched some tv. Rest is very important when you are ill.


The first day of making this quilt I managed to piece the entire front. Then that night I went to bed and my oldest woke me up (aka scared the poop out of me by standing and staring at me) at 2:30am and then I was awake, wide awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about the quilt and what I was going to put on the back. I first thought of a teal damask that I had and then thought of this geometric pattern (Geometric in Aqua for Fun & Games by Riley Blake) and knew one or the other would be perfect. At 3am I was still thinking about it so I tried to read to get my mind off of it. At 3:30am I desperately tried to go back to sleep and at 4am I got up and made the rest of the quilt. I didn’t have enough of the Geometric so I HAD to add in this other fabric (not sad at all!).

IMG_9186The back makes me uber happy. Katie that fabric in the middle is leftover from your quilt! I love that fabric. It is Garden Rocket in Turquoise in the Lilly Belle Collection by Bari J. Ackerman. I may have to order more. I think a little dress would be perfect in this for the one of the girls.


The binding I think is perfect, in my opinion. I like my bindings to stand out a bit from the rest of the quilt. The green is very close to the green in the fabric in the main quilt. It was from my latest Rainbow Must-stash club and is Bee My Honey collection by Mary Jane Butters for Moda Fabrics.



And I love it!!!!!

Did any of you complete a goal project this month? I want to hear about it!

Next month I’m going to make Alice a quilt for her bed so it looks complete for once instead of a pile of various blankets and quilts. She says “I like pink and purple” so I guess that is what she is going to get.



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