Fabric Monday – Must-Stash Club

I knew what was coming in this months club before it arrived. The cat had been let out of the bag. It was still exciting and I still opened it at the mailbox because I was so excited!


A rainbow of colours! It makes me so happy!


These are Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelet in the tonal palette.

IMG_9426So simple and pretty. I can’t wait to get these into some quilts.

This month’s solids were a limey green/yellow, orange and deep blue. I love the deep blue!



Theme Thursday – Fuzzy

I missed last Thursday. The theme for last Thursday was slow so maybe it’s appropriate that I am really, really slow at getting to that post. I have a post in mind for it but the weather and my schedule hasn’t allowed for it. Soon maybe.

Let us skip to today. Fuzzy. My life feels fuzzy right now. I don’t know if it is spring time or if life just has piled a lot on me right now but I have no clue where my time is going or what I have done with it all. The whole of last week is fuzzy. I do remember sewing stuff. I do remember being frustrated that I don’t have enough time in a day. So here are some pictures from the last week or so. To keep with the fuzzy theme they are mostly all fuzzy because they are from my iphone which has a case on it that makes everything fuzzy. Tada! Sticking to the theme for the win!

One day I left the freezer door open. I didn’t realize until 3 days later. 
photo 2 (7)

Those bags all had to be disposed of. Good news our city composts meat products. GREAT NEWS the rum balls are still good! Many of my pockets have sprinkles in them because if you want to snack on them when kids are around you have to hide the rum balls in your pockets. This also may be why the last couple weeks are fuzzy. JOKING!

photo 3(1) photo 1

These cuties are driving me nuts. Case in point, I got up at 5am to work this morning. I enjoy the quiet of the morning and the uninterrupted sewing time. Then Char Char woke up at 5:45am. What a brat. She is currently sitting in my lap while I write this. I thought I knew how to multi-task before kids. I was wrong.

I had a few exciting request this week. My friend who is a doula wanted contoured cloths for a mother’s forehead during labour. Here is the prototype. photo 1 (4)

Nothing like a 7am selfie! Then I made the real deal.

photo (27)

They are 2 layers of hemp and a layer of fun flannel. They keep their cool and hold a lot of water without dripping. I’m thinking of making this a regular item in the shop and making some kid sized ones. What do you think?

I had a request for a Baptism gown with a quick turn around time. I cursed this gown. Is that inappropriate? I remade the top at least 5 times and then ran out of lace.

photo 3

In the end I finished it and mailed it off. The recipient is very happy with it and it has grown on me. Sewing tiny clothes is so much fun once I figure out my pattern.

photo 4



I wanted to make a dress for myself this week. I ordered in fabric just for it. A lovely panel scene. I finally got around to looking at the fabric and then I saw this. photo 2(1)

They cut the panel right in the middle of the scene. TWICE! WHY? I called and they are sending me a replacement so in the mean time I just HAD to go get new fabric for a dress. This is what I got:bold bouquetBold Bouquet by Joel Dewberry. I love it. The dress is half made. I was hoping to have it done this morning but Char Char ruined that dream. Doesn’t she want her Mum to look cute? Hopefully naptime will be fruitful today.

I cut a quit for a custom order! Now to hopefully find time to sew it together this weekend!!!



And lastly you get to see my back. I’m getting ripped!

photo 1(1)Happy fuzzy Thursday! May your day be fuzzy too!



Block Tuesday – Diamond in the Square

I’ve decided to start working through Craftsy’s list of famous quilt blocks over the next couple weeks. They start really easy and progressively get harder. I needed easy this week. This child

and this child

have been sick most of the last week. They keep getting better only to come down with something else. All I hear is whining. I want to poke my ears out. I need a vacation.

So today I did the Diamond in the square using Gen X Quilter’s tutorial and here it is.

IMG_9293Under 5 mins! Woo hoo!!!