Fabric Monday – Fabricworm

I’ve spent a lot of time on the Fabricworm website over the years but I haven’t actually purchased from them. They always have a amazing selection of fabrics but their prices aren’t always as good as I can get elsewhere. I don’t mind spending a little more on fabric if I can get the selection that I want with stellar customer service but sometimes the bottom line forces me to shop elsewhere. Anyways, Fabricworm had some organic fabric that I needed for an order which is still coming into stock in other shops so I took the plunge! Their website is easy to navigate and has great search capabilities.


Birch Organics (Lt – Rt): Up Up and Away Shroom, Pinwheels, Elk Teal, Elk Multi, Skinny Chev Orange and Orange

This whole order was for the Elk Multi and the orange skinny chev. The elk have been sold out for a bit. I’ve had people contacting me trying to find out if I had any to part with (which I didn’t). I’m excited to have more of these guys back in stock. I got the elk in Teal as well because the teal is so pretty! I would love to work completely with organics but the market to sell these isn’t that big. People have a hard enough time paying a fair price for a quilt let alone the additional price of organics on top of that. Someday!


Alison Glass, Sunprint Collection X and Plus (Lt to Rt) Grass, Clementine, Stone, Ocean and Camellia

This next collection I added to my order for some pops of colour.

Alison Glass, Sun Print Collection X and Plus (Lt – Rt) Grass, Clementine, Stone, Ocean and Camellia

I’m a bit disappointed in the grass. I looks more dirty yellow in person than something that reminds me of grass. The Camellia is much brighter pink in person and I love it!

This last fabric is a bit controversial. In the quilting world it seems to be very black in white on the materials that make up the top and back of a quilt. Cotton. 100% cotton preferably high quality cotton. BUT I’ve seen some working with some linen/cotton blends mixed in. So I got this.

IMG_9411Momo, Linen Mochi Solids in Putty. I’m excited to use this in a quilt. It is  70% cotton 30 % Linen blend.It feels thicker and scratchier than plain cotton but I know how lovely linen is once broken in.   So exciting! (ducking and hiding from the purists)


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