My Mind is blown!

Hi! I’m about to blow your mind. Ok maybe a lot of you won’t feel this way. I know my fellow fabric enthusiasts will agree that this is the bee’s knees. Unless they have already seen it before then you may think I’m just late to the party. Story of my life. Ok so here goes!

There is this website called Palette Builder 2.1. On this site you upload a photo of anything. Fabric, a piece of art, your face or whatever! I chose this photo:


Look at that cute face! Once uploaded this is the magic part. It spits out this!


It tells you what Kona solid colour matches the picture! No more guessing! I always end up ordering a variety of fabric in the hopes that I can get it close. This is my new favourite tool!  Go play! Upload a million photos just for fun (I did)!


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