Getting organized with Craftybase

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In theory I like to be organized. I’ve struggled with keeping track of my inventory and limiting the time it takes me to price out items. Over the last 3 years I’ve tried a couple different programs but most weren’t user friendly or were too labour intensive. Come on people this sleep deprived Mum needs something easy to use that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. Lets face it, after 2 kids I’ve lost most of my brain cells and what few I have left seem to be used for things like remembering all the words to Disney songs and figuring out ways to trick my kids into early bedtimes. A couple months ago I discovered Craftybase and my life got a whole lot easier! It connects to Etsy directly to make managing orders, inventory and things that have shipped easier. So here is an overview of my favourite parts of it.

Tracking Expenses

  • When I put an invoice in for any materials it takes into account all shipping and taxes and applies a portion of those fees to each of my items to the price reflects the true cost of the item
  • I can quickly go back and find any invoice without sifting through a pile of paper or digging through my email
  • Keeps track of all my Etsy listing fees
  • When I’m adding a new invoice if I have purchased an item before I can link to it easily so I don’t have to add all the info again


  • Shows me exactly what I have in stock with little thumb nail pictures which is fun for project planning
  • With the Pro version it will also tell me about low stock levels
  • It reminds me how much my inventory is worth (oh wait this feature reminds me I need to stop buying fabric so maybe I don’t like this feature)
  • Fully searchable with tons of options to help find the material I’m looking for

Projects (This by far is my favourite feature)

  • This section lets you build your project using the specific materials from your Inventory, taking into account your time and then gives you suggested prices for your products including various sale venues like Etsy, Market or Wholesale.
  • You can then make ‘batches’ of this product which then adjusts your inventory to reflect the product you just used
  • You can copy ‘recipes’ or what you use in a product to make things quicker and then just change your variations. This is very useful for all the eye pillows I make. I copy the recipe and then just change the outer fabric case.
  • This section also links to previous sales, how many you have in stock, previous sales, other fees associated with the item (listing fees for example) and current Etsy listings that you have for the item


  • Lists all your orders for items
  • Links automatically to Etsy orders but it is also easy to add orders from other venues (I wish it linked up with other sites like Paypal and Ebay)
  • You can quickly see what orders haven’t been paid for or haven’t been shipped

To top it all off this site gives you an overview of your cash flow, helpful reports for improving your business and an amazing contact list! I was going to take a bunch of screenshots to show you more of how it looks but Craftybase has already made an amazing tour and you can check it out here:

Overall Pros:

  • Keeps me organized easily
  • Has made me really evaluate how much products should be priced at
  • I can access it from any computer anywhere

Overall Cons:

  • Setting it up was a bit time consuming since I have a couple years of product to add but by doing little chunks at a time I feel like it is doable
  • It only links up with Etsy to download transactions. The rest of your transactions you have to input by hand.

PLUS their customer service is hands down amazing. I had an issue when I was using a trial of it and they were on top of keeping me updated with their estimated fix time on it (it was a global issue and they were working with Etsy to fix it). They were super friendly and encourage you to reach out and ask them exactly how to use their product.

There are 2 different versions, crafter and Pro. Crafter is $7.99/month and Pro is $12.99/month but if you use a referral link like this one ( get 10% off per month AND if you continue to refer others you will get an additional 10% off more each month until you have a free subscription! So go ahead and click on my referral link and sign up for a free trial! If you like it sign up and you are already saving 10%.  I compared the price of craftybase to other online tracking programs and found that it is comparable or cheaper with the added feature of having the crafter in mind.


Please note: I am not paid for this review (although if you use my referral link I will get a discount). I just really, really, really like this program and I think it is worth every penny to keep my business organized.



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