Summer Time Crazy

Life has been busy and full and fun and exhausting. I’ve been off on a few adventures and haven’t been sewing as much but I still have been doing a ton of fabric related things.

I left the Great White North to go on an epic fabric adventure. I neglected to take many pictures. I was having too much fun to stop and document. That must mean I should take the trip again, sometime soon! I went down to Philadelphia to meet up with some internet friends who are avid fabric enthusiasts. My friend mrs ptb makes had scored an awesome deal on some fabric and I needed to have a ton!  So I made the trip down to her because it was cheaper than shipping and plus road trips kick butt! Our friend mkelly decided to join in on the fun and travelled up to Philly to get some fabric too!

First things. My car doesn’t do American.

photo 1 (8)

No Problem! A few sticky flags and some rough estimation I was good to go!!

I had an amazing trip away full of food, laughs, fabric, fabric shopping and just great friends! I came home with 2 large rubbermaid’s full of fabric! I wish I had taken a picture. I need to take more pictures. I needed a new place to store all my new fabric and my stash. Having it spread between 6 different rubbermaid’s made it really hard to pick fabrics for projects. So now I have this! mts ptb has a bunch of fabric left and she is selling it through her stash shop if you need some deals go to


Look at all the fabric! And there is still space for more!!!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time finishing up projects that I have had on the go for a long time. Like this quilt for my Mom that I started in 2012. Hi Mum! I love you!!! Notice that new fabric? I hope you like it!

photo (38)

151 blocks done, only 20ish left to go. I thought I was done all the blocks and then I recounted and readded and determined I need to go back to school to learn the Maths.

I’ve also been focusing on projects such as this:

photo 5

Repairing doll clothes. Seamstress to the dolls. There is a happy little girl because of this. I live for those moments.

I’ve been dreaming of my next quilts and how I’m going to use all my fabrics. Then I saw this beauty!


Aviatrix Medallion by Elizabeth Hartman

I need to make one or five. I’m in love! So I’m going to!

I’m moving away from doing a lot of the smaller projects I use to do and I’m moving towards just making quilts and blankets. This is where my heart is. This is where I need to be right now. I’m looking forward to taking all my quilts in my head and making them a reality!!!



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