Getting organized with Craftybase

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In theory I like to be organized. I’ve struggled with keeping track of my inventory and limiting the time it takes me to price out items. Over the last 3 years I’ve tried a couple different programs but most weren’t user friendly or were too labour intensive. Come on people this sleep deprived Mum needs something easy to use that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. Lets face it, after 2 kids I’ve lost most of my brain cells and what few I have left seem to be used for things like remembering all the words to Disney songs and figuring out ways to trick my kids into early bedtimes. A couple months ago I discovered Craftybase and my life got a whole lot easier! It connects to Etsy directly to make managing orders, inventory and things that have shipped easier. So here is an overview of my favourite parts of it.

Tracking Expenses

  • When I put an invoice in for any materials it takes into account all shipping and taxes and applies a portion of those fees to each of my items to the price reflects the true cost of the item
  • I can quickly go back and find any invoice without sifting through a pile of paper or digging through my email
  • Keeps track of all my Etsy listing fees
  • When I’m adding a new invoice if I have purchased an item before I can link to it easily so I don’t have to add all the info again


  • Shows me exactly what I have in stock with little thumb nail pictures which is fun for project planning
  • With the Pro version it will also tell me about low stock levels
  • It reminds me how much my inventory is worth (oh wait this feature reminds me I need to stop buying fabric so maybe I don’t like this feature)
  • Fully searchable with tons of options to help find the material I’m looking for

Projects (This by far is my favourite feature)

  • This section lets you build your project using the specific materials from your Inventory, taking into account your time and then gives you suggested prices for your products including various sale venues like Etsy, Market or Wholesale.
  • You can then make ‘batches’ of this product which then adjusts your inventory to reflect the product you just used
  • You can copy ‘recipes’ or what you use in a product to make things quicker and then just change your variations. This is very useful for all the eye pillows I make. I copy the recipe and then just change the outer fabric case.
  • This section also links to previous sales, how many you have in stock, previous sales, other fees associated with the item (listing fees for example) and current Etsy listings that you have for the item


  • Lists all your orders for items
  • Links automatically to Etsy orders but it is also easy to add orders from other venues (I wish it linked up with other sites like Paypal and Ebay)
  • You can quickly see what orders haven’t been paid for or haven’t been shipped

To top it all off this site gives you an overview of your cash flow, helpful reports for improving your business and an amazing contact list! I was going to take a bunch of screenshots to show you more of how it looks but Craftybase has already made an amazing tour and you can check it out here:

Overall Pros:

  • Keeps me organized easily
  • Has made me really evaluate how much products should be priced at
  • I can access it from any computer anywhere

Overall Cons:

  • Setting it up was a bit time consuming since I have a couple years of product to add but by doing little chunks at a time I feel like it is doable
  • It only links up with Etsy to download transactions. The rest of your transactions you have to input by hand.

PLUS their customer service is hands down amazing. I had an issue when I was using a trial of it and they were on top of keeping me updated with their estimated fix time on it (it was a global issue and they were working with Etsy to fix it). They were super friendly and encourage you to reach out and ask them exactly how to use their product.

There are 2 different versions, crafter and Pro. Crafter is $7.99/month and Pro is $12.99/month but if you use a referral link like this one ( get 10% off per month AND if you continue to refer others you will get an additional 10% off more each month until you have a free subscription! So go ahead and click on my referral link and sign up for a free trial! If you like it sign up and you are already saving 10%.  I compared the price of craftybase to other online tracking programs and found that it is comparable or cheaper with the added feature of having the crafter in mind.


Please note: I am not paid for this review (although if you use my referral link I will get a discount). I just really, really, really like this program and I think it is worth every penny to keep my business organized.



My Mind is blown!

Hi! I’m about to blow your mind. Ok maybe a lot of you won’t feel this way. I know my fellow fabric enthusiasts will agree that this is the bee’s knees. Unless they have already seen it before then you may think I’m just late to the party. Story of my life. Ok so here goes!

There is this website called Palette Builder 2.1. On this site you upload a photo of anything. Fabric, a piece of art, your face or whatever! I chose this photo:


Look at that cute face! Once uploaded this is the magic part. It spits out this!


It tells you what Kona solid colour matches the picture! No more guessing! I always end up ordering a variety of fabric in the hopes that I can get it close. This is my new favourite tool!  Go play! Upload a million photos just for fun (I did)!

Felt Food

I have this amazing collection of Moms who I talk to daily online. They are my sanity. They are my sounding board. They are an inspiration. And sometimes they like to push my creative abilities. We had done a busy bag exchange where we each made 15 sets of one busy activity for our toddlers and then we exchanged it. Then we decided to do felt food. This was ambitious. Very ambitious. We moved the project complete date at least 2 times, if not more.

This was my contribution. stack

Cheeseburgers!!! They took sooooo long! Ok they didn’t take that long, but I thought they would take a long time so I procrastinated because I was scared. Totally logical if you ask me.

burgersThey turned out so cute! Not perfect but cute all the same. It is a fact that I suck at hand stitching! And that I wussed out and didn’t do half of the toppings I was suppose to.

toppingsKetchup, Mustard and Relish! What more do you need for a burger?

cgeese2Cheese of course! Crinkly cheese that holds a shape!

burgerThey almost look good enough to eat! I wanted to do onion slices, pickles and lettuce but I ran out of time. Some other moms are making other food that will work perfectly for toppings.

I used a pattern for all this from Sweet Emma Jean! I’m creative, but not this creative! They seriously have some of the cutest felt food patterns (and the coordinating felt to go with it!). The directions were super easy to follow and even though my hand sewing is atrocious they look adorable still. Felt food goes for a pretty penny online. The materials can be costly (if you use wool felt) and it is time consuming. I’m really excited to get my box of felt food from the rest of the group. Community projects like this are my favourite! We each do some work and we end up with so much more in the end! Community!




NEW FABRIC being released… I don’t have it… yet…

K, so, I’m lusting after this fabric. Like I want it. All of it. Please just let me buy it. I think if I got it I would just make a pile (a real pile) and lie on it. I don’t know if I could cut it. I could only cut it if I had enough to still look at lovingly. Maybe I could put it in a frame? Ok enough so this is the fabric.

Don't Be Koi

Don’t Be Koi

Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale’s for Cloud9 Fabrics. Ok so I’m not a big fish fan. I like fish. I use to fish. I eat fish but I’m not a big fish on fabric fan. BUT that purple makes me forget all that.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

The colours are so fresh and pretty and this design is just so interesting but not too busy.

It's a Plus

It’s a Plus

This is a perfect contrast to the Ebb and Flow. The dark grey background really makes the colours pop.

The Way of Flowers

The Way of Flowers

Speaking of flowers. So the best part of this line is that since it is Cloud9 it is ORGANIC! I love organic cotton! Don’t even get me started on non-organic cotton issues but alas not many quilt fabric companies have gone organic. But Cloud9 knows all about organic and they do it soooo well!

Pennants Waving - Plum

Pennants Waving – Plum

The Pennants come in 2 colourways. Plum and Ivory.

Scallop Edge - Gray

Scallop Edge – Gray

I LOVE this fabric. LOVE may not be strong enough.  I think it is just the way the colours pop right out.

The last fabrics are great complementary fabrics.

Smile and Wave - Reed

Smile and Wave – Reed


SMILE AND WAVE! What a perfect name!  So for my birthday this year, or for a “Hey Amanda, I think you are so swell I bought you some fabric” moment, get me this, all of it, in vast quantities. Is it rude to demand gifts like this? Sorry if it is but I’m not going to stop being rude right now. I WANT IT!


Fabric Mail!

I have had a couple new idea’s for the shop and things I want for me or I should say the family. So I went fabric shopping! I knew that fabric was going to be delivered yesterday. We had been out of town for the weekend (which was a whole other story) and was excited to come home to it. I was sad when I got home and I didn’t see my box. Then I noticed that the UPS delivery person hid my box behind a bush. Well played UPS!

I resisted the urge to open the box that night because I was tired and feeling crappy. I also resisted the urge to open it in the morning. I waited until nap time. I do have will power! It just hides when cupcakes are near. (Side note… I had amazing cupcakes this weekend! My Mum’s friend makes cakes and she whipped up some cupcakes for us and they were fabulous!)

SO I wait until naptime and open the box and my heart sinks. “WHAT DID I DO!?!?!?”


**** Please excuse the wrinkly background. Need to iron. Who has time to iron?*****

mysteryI don’t remember ordering this. I quickly searched the packing list and breath a sigh of relief. I didn’t order this. I have nothing against this fabric. It’s pretty. It’s a canvasy material. I’m sure it would be perfect for a project of some sort. I just didn’t order it. Then I take a look at the box.

boxYep. I ordered these things. I could breathe easier. They didn’t send me someone elses box. I was so excited to dig through!

circleThese lovely circles are made of flannel. I LOVE FLANNEL! I’m running low on flannel wash cloths for the shop and these were a steal of a deal.  These are designed by Valori Wells (who I love!) for Free Spirit.

The next thing in the box was this collection! I’m soooooooooo excited by these prints!

setThese are from the collection Piper by Dear Stella. I’m in love! LOVE!

stripe purple maple creamBe excited, very excited to see what I’m doing with these. It isn’t earth shattering or anything but I’m excited so you should be too! I think if I could afford it I would buy a bolt of each of these fabrics. I could decorate a room based on these fabrics. I already want more!

Deep down I’m a hippie. I really would like to say everything in my house is eco friendly, recycled, uber crunchy you get the point. The thing is it’s expensive and time consuming. So anyway. I have been trying to get more and more organic stuff into the shop (which has nothing right now). So I got these!

stack heliAren’t those helicopter’s adorable? I’m in love!

jersyOrganic wrinkly Jersey! It’s not really wrinkly just wrinkled from being shipped crunched up. It just needs to be ironed.  I hate ironing.  I have many plans for you! Or maybe just one plan but it is a decent one.

So here is where my order goes off track again…..

IMG_6746Isn’t it pretty?

Look closer!

closeI don’t know many things but I do know those aren’t dots, or red. Can I say after 3 tries, a couple of phone calls that I have determined that Riley Blake’s Medium Dots in Red are a figment of my imagination (with a quote from Chasing Amy floating in my head but it is not appropriate for all audiences, specifically my Mum). This is stemming from my last fabric mail post . So we will try again!

Lastly we have this piece.

IMG_6779But it’s missing its friend so that is all I’m going to say about that.


I feel like I just need to say that I love They have great prices. They have usually an amazing selection if you get there first because the good stuff sells out quick! AND they have amazing customer service. Every time I call with an issue with an order they make it all better. I hardly ever have a problem with my orders and this order seems to be a one off of mistakes. I called and was only on hold for a short time. I told them what was wrong and with no questions asked the right things are being sent to me. As for the Riley Blake dots that has been a series of errors but I’m positive it will all be good in the end.












Fabric Mail!

I received some fabric mail last week! I ordered in some more nylon chiffon to make pettiskirts.

I also have a lighter pink coming in and some left over fuchsia from previous skirts. I’m thinking about making an adult sized pettiskirt. I’m also stoked about making a Kelly green one but I can’t justify making Alice another pettiskirt.