Christmas Orders

I’ve been very absent from my blog. I’m sorry ūüė¶ ¬†I finally got my dream of dedicated time to sew and I thought I would have tons of time to keep on top of my blog etc. In reality the extra time got eaten up by custom quilts and orders! I’ve been busy to say the least! I’m excited to get back some photos of my quilts this week and will be showing them off on here.

But I’m having a custom item sale! Head on over to my facebook page for the details and see for yourself. I will only be taking custom orders until Dec 1st. After that time just my current inventory will be available.

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Putting an end to time wasting

Lately this is my life…..

You can do anything as long as it’s nothing, everything as long as it isn’t anything, so don’t say there’s nothing to do in the Doldrums,¬†don’t say we wither away the day, we don’t! No! We dawdle a bit and then, we loiter a while and dawdle again, we gather our strength to start a new, on all of this loafing and lounging we still have left to do, so don’t say there’s nothing to do in the Doldrums it’s just not true!

10 points if you can tell me what that is from.

I waste time like no one else. I don’t know how I do it. It is like I look at a day and think ‘I have tons of time so I will just take a couple moments to look into this useless thing’. Next thing I know the man is home wondering where dinner is and why there are piles of toys everywhere. So I give him the ‘you wouldn’t believe how crazy today was’, while thinking… ‘what did I actually do today?’

So today I stop wasting it and start doing more that actually is productive. I am really, really, really good (if I do say so myself) at getting things done when needed. So good in fact that some people (hi mom!) wonder how I find time for it all. I’m just really good at deception. So there you have it I’m good at wasting time and deception. My skills in a nut shell. (Help! I’m in a nutshell!)

Last week was crazy. We took on a lot, learned a lot and had some great family time. We decide to try to potty train the little imp. After 2 days of her running the main floor peeing everywhere we have decided to try again in a couple months. For the most part she is ready, she just lacks the main idea that peeing in the toilet is ok. Mostly she would bring us a diaper (or training pant) anytime she had to go because she wanted to go in that. It totally makes sense to me but the whole idea wasn’t to keep going in diapers… so we will try again. AND (because that wasn’t enough to tackle) we have a little girl that no longer sleeps in a crib! Only one big thump of her falling out but no tears, just her looking confused as to what happened.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting an idea of what my Christmas decorating will look like. Now I just need to stop wasting time and make it happen!

Ok tomorrow I promise more pictures! I have fabric coming this week (I hope), I’m ordering more fabric for Christmas decorating and I promise to show you all I get done when I don’t waste as much time!!!!

A vintage Christmas

I think we need a Christmas Quilt for the family. You know something that we curl up under and watch vintage movies, Elf and Family Stone (I don’t care what you say it is a Christmas movie). I wanted some classic fabric. I wanted something that I wouldn’t get sick of, wouldn’t be trendy or go out of style. So many Christmas fabrics I loved last year I’m not so much in love with this year. So I ordered Moda’s Dear Mr Claus. It is perfect.

I can’t wait for it to appear in my mailbox!

Happy Halloween!!!

In honour of Halloween let’s talk about Christmas! I know, I know I’m not living in the moment, pushing the season, blah, blah, blah. But. BUT… there have been snowstorms in the USA and in Northern Ontario and it is the happiest time of the year. I’m sure my good friend Travwho is already rocking the Christmas music.

This house is made for Christmas, I can feel it in my bones. I mentioned that to my husband and he asked how much overtime he needs to do to support our Christmas decorating. I simply told him that if he works from now until Christmas 2013 without a break we may come out even. So I have big plans! HUGE plans! I was up in the wee hours of the morning thinking about these plans.


Primitive rusty stars red berry wreath

I’m thinking 2 of these for my door. Or something simliar. I’m also planning lots of greenery for the front porch and possibly a tree out there. I want classy and elegant. I may have to donate the blue Christmas lights we have. I think simple white lights is the way to go. AND our house has these beautiful little pot lights on it that illuminate it in just the right way.

The old owners of our house still get random bits of mail delivered. The other day a Restoration Hardware Baby&Child  magazine was dropped off.  My eyes were opened. I need to subscribe to that magazine!  So the one major thing that I want to recreate from it is this gorgeous advent stocking countdown calendar.


I think my stockings will have to be a bit bigger to fit enough ‘gifts’ in. Oh the fun I will have! There is so much more that I will show you. This place will be over the top festive by December 25th.

Christmas Quilt

2 years ago I made my darling little niece a quilt for Christmas. As I was making it I decided that my unborn child needed one too. So there were 2 quilts. One that was finished in time for Christmas 2010 and one that was done for Christmas 2011 (I got a little distracted in the middle of making it).

It really was a simple quilt to make.¬†It’s flannel incase you couldn’t guess. Some of¬†the flannel was really¬†light weight and¬†if I used that type of flannel again I would use interfacing to stabilize it a bit better.


I quilted it with straight lines with varying spacing. I really like how it turned out (not a great picture of it here).  The best part is the munchkin loves it!!!