Where it all began

Many moons ago I use to be obsessed with knitting. I loved to spend time buying lovely wools, yarns and I would even spin some of my own. I was HARDCORE into yarn. A few times I was tempted by fabrics but I turned my back and went back to my wool. I outright refused to sew. Well that’s not true there was that time that I had to sew 30 smocks for work but that wasn’t really sewing. AND I used Walmart fabric that was $2.99/metre. So that doesn’t count.

Upon finding out I was pregnant with my first child and being underemployed I discovered this urge in me to make a quilt for the baby. So I went to my local quilting store to take a look. I had no clue what I was getting into. No clue. I was still under the impression that the actual quilting was a waste of time and ridiculous. Boy was I foolish! So long story short I walked in, fell in love with a quilt for me (not the baby), signed up for a class, bought a new sewing machine and started to hoard fabric.

IMG_9227At this point I had no clue there was such a thing as traditional quilting or modern quilting.

IMG_9255-2I did know that the dark cranberries and forest green fabrics didn’t call to me.


Then I found fabrics online that made my heart happy. And that is when I found out that I was in trouble.


Deep, deep, deep trouble.


This is the quilt that started it all. This is the quilt that I grab first to curl up under on the couch. This is the quilt that my children play with almost daily. This is the quilt that helped me find my passion. For this quilt I am most thankful.


Fabric Monday – Lotus Pond by Rae Hoekstra For Cloud 9 Fabrics

You know what happened this weekend? Snow. Do you know what else happened this weekend? Sickness. It is suppose to be spring! We are suppose to be able to throw open our windows and clear out the grossness. Sunday was better outside but we were too sick to enjoy anything beside our first BBQ of the season. I may have also enjoyed these beautiful fabrics.

I’m craving bright, fresh, summerish fabrics and these fulfill all my needs.

snail trail multi

Snail Trail Multi

What is happier than some cute little colourful snails? Maybe some beautiful lotus flowers?



These are from the Lotus Pond collection by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud9, which means they are organic!! Nothing screams spring and summer more than frogs!!!



They remind me a little of the frogs from that classic computer game Frogger. Anyone else?



I really like that the frogs aren’t in green. Something a little different but I like it! There are some lovely feminine prints in this collection too.





The butterflies and flowers make me happy after this long, crappy winter.



The Fluttering Fields strikes me as very retro. I’ve done a couple quilts where this would have fit right in.



This collection is released this April! To see it all check out Cloud9’s website here.




Yesterday the weather was lovely. The sun was shining. The roads were dry. Basically the exact opposite of today. (Sidenote: I hear my neighbour snowblowing my sidewalk. I’ve never met him but he is my favourite neighbour. I shall bake him cookies some day!). I haven’t seen this much snow fall in awhile. I kind of like it. So on this lovely day yesterday I dropped the oldest at the daycare and buckled the youngest in for a road trip. We were just going down to the end the road an hour. It was a real road trip because we got lost, because the bridge was out. I was not prepared for unmarked detours.

We started off to visit Niagara Sewing Centre. My machines need love. I don’t trust the place close by as they took my serger for over 3 months!!! 3 months!! I wanted to check this place out and get a feel of the place. I am so glad I did. They are so helpful and friendly! They are moving to a new location at the end of the month and will be carrying Brother’s! I can’t wait! Momma needs a new embroidery machine! One HUGE plus was that they carry my favourite thread. I LOVE WonderFil Konfetti thread . It was my first quilting thread and I haven’t found another that I like as much. I moved away from my last supply location and have been trying to find another local distributor ever since. Yesterday I bought a box. There are 5 spools in a box. I use a lot of thread.

I like to do a lot localish. So since we were going out of town localish I decided to check out one fabric shop because why not? The first one that popped up was Bee Modern Fabrics &Yarn in Virgil ON. The website looked cute so I thought why not? It’s just outside of Niagara on the Lake and I had heard magical things about that place. After some extra turns and ill fated truck stop stop we made it to the shop. It looked cute from the outside but I was not prepared for the inside. No lie. I walked in and loved what I saw in the entry way and saw a room of yarn that some of my friends would poop their pants over but when I saw the fabric I died. It was like my fabric wish list in real life. I was stunned. I became useless. It was so beautiful and organized by colour. There was so much to see and I wanted it all. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t deal. I just couldn’t handle it. I walked around for 30 mins. Picked things up, put them down. I wanted to ask to move in or for a job or to be the shop mouse. I wanted to ask to take pictures but I was too scared. So I grabbed a bolt and asked for a 1/2 yard (they do yards and metres there!), paid, said I would be back and then left. It was just too much.

I picked this fabric.



Happy Stripe in Blue part of the so Happy Together line by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake. It’s a cute fabric and will be useful but this shows how overwhelmed I was. This place was packed full of bright, beautiful and intense fabric and I got a muted stripe.

So I’m jealous of them. Like very jealous. They are living my dream. They have THE cutest shop full of happiness. I want that. I’m pretty sure I have a few friends who would want this dream with me. I want a shop. I want my dream fabrics in my hand. I want to close the shop at night and hug all the fabric (is that weird? I don’t care if it is weird).

Le Sigh.

I can’t just buy one thing.

I stopped by a local chain fabric store to pick up one thing. One piece of red satin. Just one piece. Maybe a 1/2 metre or maybe a full depending on the cost. Fabric in Canada tends to be expensive. You can find the fabric in the states for $9.50/yd and the same fabric here is $18/metre. A metre isn’t THAT much bigger than a yard. So when I shop in store for fabric in Canada I tend not to buy much unless there is a sale. A really good sale. Today there were some great sales. The satin that I wanted was $4/metre which is a huge score! Then I found this stuff.

All 3 of these were calling my name. At $4/m how could I say no? The only problem is they are polyester. Do people still use polyester? I’m so use to cotton that I have no clue how to use these! I’m thinking scarves. Will they be too hot?

dot chevThis orangey red modern chevron looks retro to me with all the dots. It caught my eye from the distance. I’m really, really tempted to make a two sided scarf with it with this on the other side.

starsI love these little stars and circles! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do the scarf idea. Will I sweat to death in a polyester scarf? Please school me in the ways of non natural fibres. I understand a poly/cotton blend but straight polyester makes me think of bowling shirts and my uncles old shirts from the 70s that I stole borrowed from the cottage.

houndstoothGIANT HOUNDSTOOTH! Each tooth is the size of my hand! I’m quite smitten with these 3 fabrics but I’m soooooo intimidated by their silky, billowiness that I must some how control while I sew. My fingers ache with the threat of many pin pricks in my near future. Any great tips out there?


I went away alone for the weekend. That means last week all I did was get the house ready and things for the family ready for my absence. Since getting home I feel like all I have done is catch up on the things that weren’t done while I was away. Don’t get me wrong my husband did an amazing job with the kids it’s just things weren’t how I would leave them. Anyways, I’m a list maker. Are you a list maker? I need to see everything that needs to be done in one place. Then I need to be able to cross it out. Crossing things out makes me happy. Very, very happy. This list has made progress since this morning.


This list has not made any progress which stresses me out.


I would like to point out that I’m hand sewing burgers not bugers. I can’t spell when I’m stressed.

Ok I can’t spell ever.

Call out to you! YES YOU!

If you are questioning if I’m talking to you then please answer the following questions. If you answer yes to all of them then I am indeed talking to you. If you only answer yes to a few questions then yes, I may still be talking to you.

Are you reading this?

Do you like fabric?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house in any state?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house that is brightly coloured that you can use for a small project? (It could be old sheets, shirts, scraps etc)

Can you sew? (Be careful with this one. I’m not talking about being good at sewing. I’m saying ‘Hey can you sew two pieces of fabric together?’ I don’t care if it’s straight, done on a machine or by hand)

Do you have 20 extra minutes to sew a couple fabrics together?

Do you have enough money to mail a letter sized envelope to Canada?

I really want to do a collaborative project. I often hear that people can’t make a quilt and I think that is a lie. ALL LIES!!!!  So I am organizing an unskilled quilting community project. I’m looking for people who can sew a couple pieces of fabric together. Minimum size of 6″x6″. I doesn’t have to be more than 2 pieces of fabric. It doesn’t have to be square (I can take care of that). All it has to be is made with at least one bright colour and you can add in other fabric of your choice. There are many details to iron out but I’m just looking to see if there are those who want to be involved. If you are interested but lack any of the above (supplies, talent etc) let me know and we will work it out.

Have I ever posted about my love of community? I need to. Community makes my heart sing.

The finished quilt will be awarded by random draw to one lucky person who submitted a ‘block’. I’m also hoping that people will submit a photo or 5 of themselves with their ‘block’. Maybe even with a little local flavour.

If you are interested please leave a comment. If you know others who may be interested please share with them.  If you are scared to take part because you don’t think I’m talking to you or that you aren’t good enough, I just want to say you are wrong! I want your help!

Fabric Mail!

So I ordered some fabric. I made the plunge and bought some organic fabric. I would love to work more with organic materials but the cost is prohibitive and the selection is a bit sparse. I had to order some other materials from a company who carries a lot of organic fabric so I thought why not get some because then shipping would be cheaper. That’s right shop more, pay less shipping! I LOVE IT! The shop is simplifi on Etsy. They are really close to the USA border so they will ship from either side.

I fell in love with some of the fabrics from Storyboek II by Jay-Cyn for Birch Fabrics.



To that I added in some fabrics from Fox Hollow by Monaluna and a white solid.

fox hollow

Put them together and I think they will work!




Ok you can stop reading now if breastfeeding logistics isn’t your thing.


So I’m a leaker. It’s pretty extreme. I’ve tried ‘everyone’s’ favourite brand but they don’t cut it for me. So the whole reason I was ordering from simplifi was to get some fabrics to make my own kick ass breast pads.  I got  bamboo/organic cotton velour, hemp/bamboo fleece and tencel/organic cotton fleece.

bamboo cotton


I had never heard of tencel before but it is a wood byproduct and I thought I would try it. I also bought some grey chevron PUL to make them waterproof.



I cant wait to make them and try them out. I will be looking for a few leaky boobs to try them out too. The best part was I got this free with my goodies!

purple velourPurple bamboo/organic cotton velour! Purple velour! Life is great!