So we are a month into 2015 and so far I’m pretty pleased with it. I think 2015 is going to be a great year! I’ve taken a lot of time to stop and think about where I am, where I want to go and what is really important to me. The one thing that I keep coming back to is that I need to slow down. I always feel the need to do it all, to do more and to be everything to everyone. This year I’m trying to change that. I need to slow down and enjoy where I am, who I’m with and what cool things every moment has for me. A big part of this is that I’m learning how to say no to people or projects. I also need to keep reminding myself that to end up where I want to be I need to be present in the moment I am currently in. Anyway, enough with that crap, I was so busy last year with getting stuff done that I didn’t get to share a lot of what I actually accomplish. So here are some pictures from one of my favourite quilts this year.

238My friend contacted me and said she was looking for a wedding gift for a friend and would like a quilt made. She had some scraps from the wedding decoration to give me to incorporate into the quilt. So she sent them my way and gave me a few idea’s and told me to have fun!

183The box had some great, vibrant colours to work with so I went to my stash and started to build up coordinates to fill out the quilt. We had decided to go with Anna Maria Horner’s Feather Bed Quilt. It was perfect for a scrappy quilt and is always gorgeous.

photo (41)It took me a couple of miscuts to figure out how to get the feathers to cut out properly but once I got it it was smooth sailing.

Earlier that summer I had made a trip to purchase some fabric from a friend and had bought some Habitat Singing Forest fabric by Jay McCarroll. I just loved it. I’m not completely sure why but I was just drawn to it and knew it would make an awesome quilt back.


I wasn’t disappointed! This quilt was the perfect fit for it!

For the quilting I just decided to follow the direction of the feather vanes and surround each feather. On the back of the quilt then you would have an outline of each feather with no quilting within it. I forgot to take pictures of this. Here is a grainy close up of the front.

photo (40)b

I also decided to try cutting actual bias binding for the first time. This Riley Blake Happy Stripe fit the colours in the quilt perfectly!

il_340x270.443981967_3oyzNormally I just straight cut my binding but I knew cutting these stripes on the bias would be the perfect echo of the vanes in the feather.

IMG_3119The finished product just made me so happy. I equate the happiness of me finishing a quilt I’m absolutely in love with to what some people call a ‘runners high’. Let me tell you I do some running/jogging/moving my feet while gasping for air and I have never once felt ‘high’ or super happy after a run. Usually I just want a cheeseburger or a milkshake or to not move for a month. The feeling I get after finishing a great quilt keeps me going for days and this quilt kept me going for weeks.
photo (40)



Yesterday the weather was lovely. The sun was shining. The roads were dry. Basically the exact opposite of today. (Sidenote: I hear my neighbour snowblowing my sidewalk. I’ve never met him but he is my favourite neighbour. I shall bake him cookies some day!). I haven’t seen this much snow fall in awhile. I kind of like it. So on this lovely day yesterday I dropped the oldest at the daycare and buckled the youngest in for a road trip. We were just going down to the end the road an hour. It was a real road trip because we got lost, because the bridge was out. I was not prepared for unmarked detours.

We started off to visit Niagara Sewing Centre. My machines need love. I don’t trust the place close by as they took my serger for over 3 months!!! 3 months!! I wanted to check this place out and get a feel of the place. I am so glad I did. They are so helpful and friendly! They are moving to a new location at the end of the month and will be carrying Brother’s! I can’t wait! Momma needs a new embroidery machine! One HUGE plus was that they carry my favourite thread. I LOVE WonderFil Konfetti thread . It was my first quilting thread and I haven’t found another that I like as much. I moved away from my last supply location and have been trying to find another local distributor ever since. Yesterday I bought a box. There are 5 spools in a box. I use a lot of thread.

I like to do a lot localish. So since we were going out of town localish I decided to check out one fabric shop because why not? The first one that popped up was Bee Modern Fabrics &Yarn in Virgil ON. The website looked cute so I thought why not? It’s just outside of Niagara on the Lake and I had heard magical things about that place. After some extra turns and ill fated truck stop stop we made it to the shop. It looked cute from the outside but I was not prepared for the inside. No lie. I walked in and loved what I saw in the entry way and saw a room of yarn that some of my friends would poop their pants over but when I saw the fabric I died. It was like my fabric wish list in real life. I was stunned. I became useless. It was so beautiful and organized by colour. There was so much to see and I wanted it all. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t deal. I just couldn’t handle it. I walked around for 30 mins. Picked things up, put them down. I wanted to ask to move in or for a job or to be the shop mouse. I wanted to ask to take pictures but I was too scared. So I grabbed a bolt and asked for a 1/2 yard (they do yards and metres there!), paid, said I would be back and then left. It was just too much.

I picked this fabric.



Happy Stripe in Blue part of the so Happy Together line by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake. It’s a cute fabric and will be useful but this shows how overwhelmed I was. This place was packed full of bright, beautiful and intense fabric and I got a muted stripe.

So I’m jealous of them. Like very jealous. They are living my dream. They have THE cutest shop full of happiness. I want that. I’m pretty sure I have a few friends who would want this dream with me. I want a shop. I want my dream fabrics in my hand. I want to close the shop at night and hug all the fabric (is that weird? I don’t care if it is weird).

Le Sigh.