So we are a month into 2015 and so far I’m pretty pleased with it. I think 2015 is going to be a great year! I’ve taken a lot of time to stop and think about where I am, where I want to go and what is really important to me. The one thing that I keep coming back to is that I need to slow down. I always feel the need to do it all, to do more and to be everything to everyone. This year I’m trying to change that. I need to slow down and enjoy where I am, who I’m with and what cool things every moment has for me. A big part of this is that I’m learning how to say no to people or projects. I also need to keep reminding myself that to end up where I want to be I need to be present in the moment I am currently in. Anyway, enough with that crap, I was so busy last year with getting stuff done that I didn’t get to share a lot of what I actually accomplish. So here are some pictures from one of my favourite quilts this year.

238My friend contacted me and said she was looking for a wedding gift for a friend and would like a quilt made. She had some scraps from the wedding decoration to give me to incorporate into the quilt. So she sent them my way and gave me a few idea’s and told me to have fun!

183The box had some great, vibrant colours to work with so I went to my stash and started to build up coordinates to fill out the quilt. We had decided to go with Anna Maria Horner’s Feather Bed Quilt. It was perfect for a scrappy quilt and is always gorgeous.

photo (41)It took me a couple of miscuts to figure out how to get the feathers to cut out properly but once I got it it was smooth sailing.

Earlier that summer I had made a trip to purchase some fabric from a friend and had bought some Habitat Singing Forest fabric by Jay McCarroll. I just loved it. I’m not completely sure why but I was just drawn to it and knew it would make an awesome quilt back.


I wasn’t disappointed! This quilt was the perfect fit for it!

For the quilting I just decided to follow the direction of the feather vanes and surround each feather. On the back of the quilt then you would have an outline of each feather with no quilting within it. I forgot to take pictures of this. Here is a grainy close up of the front.

photo (40)b

I also decided to try cutting actual bias binding for the first time. This Riley Blake Happy Stripe fit the colours in the quilt perfectly!

il_340x270.443981967_3oyzNormally I just straight cut my binding but I knew cutting these stripes on the bias would be the perfect echo of the vanes in the feather.

IMG_3119The finished product just made me so happy. I equate the happiness of me finishing a quilt I’m absolutely in love with to what some people call a ‘runners high’. Let me tell you I do some running/jogging/moving my feet while gasping for air and I have never once felt ‘high’ or super happy after a run. Usually I just want a cheeseburger or a milkshake or to not move for a month. The feeling I get after finishing a great quilt keeps me going for days and this quilt kept me going for weeks.
photo (40)


Theme Thursday – Fast & 12 in 12

I’m combining two things today. I’m obsessed with this quilt that I made. The colours make me happy. I made it in 2 days so it was fast and it fulfills my need for a quilt this month for 12 in 12 (12 quilts in 12 months).  I’m warning you, this post will have many pictures because I love this quilt sooooo much.


I woke up Monday morning feeling guilty. You know the Mum guilt you hear about (or experience first hand)? It eats away at your soul. I was feeling guilty because poor Miss CharChar didn’t have a custom made quilt by Mummy!


I had made her blankets but hadn’t gotten around to a quilt for her. Her older sister has 4 quilts. 4!


I was the worst Mum ever! I am totally giving my kids complexes! If CharChar could talk she would tell me ‘you love my sister more than me!’


And she might be right. JUST KIDDING! I totes love Miss CharChar more. KIDDING! But I did feel bad that she didn’t have a quilt yet.


I  had this layer cake of Moda’s vintage modern fabric that I bought a couple years ago at a store that no longer exists. So I dug it out and put it to good use.

photo 3(2)The colours are perfect for a little girl. (Don’t get mad at me for talking about girl/boy colours see it has red and blue and green too!) And look at how those squares line up! Perfect! Not every one is that perfect but the ones that do make me really happy.


I think Miss CharChar loved it! She even hid under it.


Where’s the baby?


She blends right in!

IMG_9195Poor thing was a wee bit sick that day.


photo 3(1)

The sickly baby and I cuddled up under it and watched some tv. Rest is very important when you are ill.


The first day of making this quilt I managed to piece the entire front. Then that night I went to bed and my oldest woke me up (aka scared the poop out of me by standing and staring at me) at 2:30am and then I was awake, wide awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about the quilt and what I was going to put on the back. I first thought of a teal damask that I had and then thought of this geometric pattern (Geometric in Aqua for Fun & Games by Riley Blake) and knew one or the other would be perfect. At 3am I was still thinking about it so I tried to read to get my mind off of it. At 3:30am I desperately tried to go back to sleep and at 4am I got up and made the rest of the quilt. I didn’t have enough of the Geometric so I HAD to add in this other fabric (not sad at all!).

IMG_9186The back makes me uber happy. Katie that fabric in the middle is leftover from your quilt! I love that fabric. It is Garden Rocket in Turquoise in the Lilly Belle Collection by Bari J. Ackerman. I may have to order more. I think a little dress would be perfect in this for the one of the girls.


The binding I think is perfect, in my opinion. I like my bindings to stand out a bit from the rest of the quilt. The green is very close to the green in the fabric in the main quilt. It was from my latest Rainbow Must-stash club and is Bee My Honey collection by Mary Jane Butters for Moda Fabrics.



And I love it!!!!!

Did any of you complete a goal project this month? I want to hear about it!

Next month I’m going to make Alice a quilt for her bed so it looks complete for once instead of a pile of various blankets and quilts. She says “I like pink and purple” so I guess that is what she is going to get.


Fabric Coming Soon!

So life seems to have calmed down. Well it has been calmer but now that I have said it has calmed down all heck will break loose. So in my non-existent free time (aka using my cleaning time for non-productive things) I’ve been looking at fabrics soon to come out. I always start with Riley Blake Designs. They have some of the best designers creating new fabric lines and they tend to be up with current trends and fabulous.

So I was cleaning wasting time looking at fabric and checked out their site. Zombies are coming!!!!!! They have Zombie Apocalypse by Emily Taylor Designs coming out in September. Just in time for Halloween!

Zombie Main Grey

Isn’t this great? It’s like a survival guide right there on the fabric!

Zombie Attack Cream

The zombies are the perfect combination of scary, cartoony and zombie. I love the choice of colours!

Zombie Eyes Orange

I love it! I want it all!



Fabric Mail!

I have had a couple new idea’s for the shop and things I want for me or I should say the family. So I went fabric shopping! I knew that fabric was going to be delivered yesterday. We had been out of town for the weekend (which was a whole other story) and was excited to come home to it. I was sad when I got home and I didn’t see my box. Then I noticed that the UPS delivery person hid my box behind a bush. Well played UPS!

I resisted the urge to open the box that night because I was tired and feeling crappy. I also resisted the urge to open it in the morning. I waited until nap time. I do have will power! It just hides when cupcakes are near. (Side note… I had amazing cupcakes this weekend! My Mum’s friend makes cakes and she whipped up some cupcakes for us and they were fabulous!)

SO I wait until naptime and open the box and my heart sinks. “WHAT DID I DO!?!?!?”


**** Please excuse the wrinkly background. Need to iron. Who has time to iron?*****

mysteryI don’t remember ordering this. I quickly searched the packing list and breath a sigh of relief. I didn’t order this. I have nothing against this fabric. It’s pretty. It’s a canvasy material. I’m sure it would be perfect for a project of some sort. I just didn’t order it. Then I take a look at the box.

boxYep. I ordered these things. I could breathe easier. They didn’t send me someone elses box. I was so excited to dig through!

circleThese lovely circles are made of flannel. I LOVE FLANNEL! I’m running low on flannel wash cloths for the shop and these were a steal of a deal.  These are designed by Valori Wells (who I love!) for Free Spirit.

The next thing in the box was this collection! I’m soooooooooo excited by these prints!

setThese are from the collection Piper by Dear Stella. I’m in love! LOVE!

stripe purple maple creamBe excited, very excited to see what I’m doing with these. It isn’t earth shattering or anything but I’m excited so you should be too! I think if I could afford it I would buy a bolt of each of these fabrics. I could decorate a room based on these fabrics. I already want more!

Deep down I’m a hippie. I really would like to say everything in my house is eco friendly, recycled, uber crunchy you get the point. The thing is it’s expensive and time consuming. So anyway. I have been trying to get more and more organic stuff into the shop (which has nothing right now). So I got these!

stack heliAren’t those helicopter’s adorable? I’m in love!

jersyOrganic wrinkly Jersey! It’s not really wrinkly just wrinkled from being shipped crunched up. It just needs to be ironed.  I hate ironing.  I have many plans for you! Or maybe just one plan but it is a decent one.

So here is where my order goes off track again…..

IMG_6746Isn’t it pretty?

Look closer!

closeI don’t know many things but I do know those aren’t dots, or red. Can I say after 3 tries, a couple of phone calls that I have determined that Riley Blake’s Medium Dots in Red are a figment of my imagination (with a quote from Chasing Amy floating in my head but it is not appropriate for all audiences, specifically my Mum). This is stemming from my last fabric mail post . So we will try again!

Lastly we have this piece.

IMG_6779But it’s missing its friend so that is all I’m going to say about that.


I feel like I just need to say that I love fabric.com. They have great prices. They have usually an amazing selection if you get there first because the good stuff sells out quick! AND they have amazing customer service. Every time I call with an issue with an order they make it all better. I hardly ever have a problem with my orders and this order seems to be a one off of mistakes. I called and was only on hold for a short time. I told them what was wrong and with no questions asked the right things are being sent to me. As for the Riley Blake dots that has been a series of errors but I’m positive it will all be good in the end.












Fabric Coming soon

I’m always look ahead to see what fabrics are coming out. I like to know if I should spend my money or wait until something I love is coming out. It is no secret that Riley Blake Designs is one of my favourite companies to look for new fabrics. They have a great group of designers and their fabric quality is amazing. Well I’m super excited for one of their new lines coming out in November. It is some of their classic fabric in FLANNEL! FLANNEL!

They have many of their medium chevrons into flannel! I can’t wait. I want them all and in large quantities. Check them out here. They also have a line of gingham that they have converted to flannel.

There is just something so classic about a gingham especially a flannel one. I could see many quilts backed with this stuff! I think what I’m most excited about is the polka dots! Do you know how hard it is to find polka dots, especially in the fall/winter?

 I want this whole collection too! Dots are just so happy!!! I don’t even want to tell you about my search for light blue material with white polka dots in my area. Lets just say 4 stores didn’t have them and I had to do what I do best… order online.  There was a time where I spent a day visiting no less than 7 fabric stores to find polka dots without any luck. I may have not just ordered the dots I needed… so you have more fabric mail to look forward to!


This week did not go as planned. There have been a few bumps in the road but nothing we can’t handle. As a result of one of these bumps I have some posts lined up for next week so you can see what goes into making my pettiskirts.

For your Friday evening enjoyment here is some of my new fabric that came in last week. Riley Blake’s Chevrons…. they make me happy.

Cheater Done!

I finished the cheater quilt in an afternoon. That is why I love them so. There is such a feeling of accomplishment holding the finished product in your hands.

I love the Hooty Hoot fabric by Riley Blake. I just wish I could buy it all and never run out of it!


I didn’t have enough fabric from this collection to do the back so I went to my local store and found some that fit with the colours and theme. I was amazed. I have a hard time finding anything I actually want in that store.

I need to stop using lined fabric for the back of quilts.

I have a very limited space to lay out my quilts and no matter how hard I try I can’t get things to line up exactly. So when I quilt with straight lines you can totally tell. My new house will have enough space… I can’t wait!