Christmas Orders

I’ve been very absent from my blog. I’m sorry ūüė¶ ¬†I finally got my dream of dedicated time to sew and I thought I would have tons of time to keep on top of my blog etc. In reality the extra time got eaten up by custom quilts and orders! I’ve been busy to say the least! I’m excited to get back some photos of my quilts this week and will be showing them off on here.

But I’m having a custom item sale! Head on over to my facebook page for the details and see for yourself. I will only be taking custom orders until Dec 1st. After that time just my current inventory will be available.

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Happy Birthday to My Shop


It’s my Etsy shops 2nd Birthday!!!! In honour of its birthday save 15% off of all orders today only! Use coupon code¬†Happy2ndbday at the checkout! I just restocked a bunch of stuff! Visit to check everything out!

End of Summer Sale

Every year I look forward to the end of summer. I know I’m weird. BUT. There is this amazing festival I take part in every Labour Day weekend and it is amazing!

The festival is called Shelter Valley Folk Festival and it takes place in a farmer’s field on a hill in the heart of Northumberland County (Ontario) ¬†just outside of a little town called Grafton. It turns 10 this year. I have been a part of it for the last 7 years. I help out in the outdoor kitchen feeding 400 volunteers. It is one of those amazing festivals where you feel like you are home as soon as you set foot on the ground there. You should check it out. You should volunteer, the food is amazing.

In honour of this happy weekend I’m having a sale in my shop. 20% off of everything! I have tons of new items coming very soon and I need room for it. I’ve been busy buying new fabrics and coming up with plans. To take part of this deal use the coupon code SVFF10 while checking out. The flannel blankets would be perfect for naptime at home or daycare and are absolutely perfect for cuddling up under on a cool fall day or basking on soaking up the last warm rays of summer.


Coming soon!

I promised you a peak of what will be going into the shop this weekend so here you go!

New blankets! This is just the fabric all cut and ready to go. I’m excited these will include ric rac. I LOVE ric rac. Say ric rac, it is a lot of fun! The flower one on the left sadly won’t have ric rac but it will have minky!Image

This quilt is all basted up and ready to be quilted! This is the one from previous post. The other one just needs to be basted and its ready to go too.


Finally new wash cloths! My stash of wash cloths seems to be dwindling. Here is a new bunch that will be going up for sale (once they are all finished).

There will be some more stuff added too by the end of the weekend. Make sure you check out my facebook page, like the page and share it with your friends. Remember the more people that like it the bigger the sale next week! For all the details check out my previous post here.

Celebrate good times!

The last couple weeks have been a little crazy. I feel like this weekend I finally got my stride back. Last week I was asked to jump through some hoops, so I did and I made it. I was glad to see that Etsy really takes their rules seriously and they are out there to protect sellers and consumers.

So to celebrate good things going on I’m going to have a sale for 3 days starting next Monday (a week today). How big of a sale you ask… well that depends on you. Currenlty¬†we have about¬†50 people who like Fabric Heart on Facebook (Here) so I’m starting the sale at 5% off all orders. For every additional 50 people that¬†like the Facebook page I will give you another 5% off to the maximum of 20%. If by some chance we reach 200 likes there will be a substantial giveaway involved (think pettiskirt or baby/lap quilt).

Now you may say… “Well Amanda, you don’t have very much in your Etsy¬†shop right now.” And I would agree with you. But, BUT… by next Monday there will be 2 quilts, many more wash cloths, additional pettiskirt colours, at least 4 new blankets (2 available of each one) and some made to order celebration bunting. I will be giving you sneak peaks of those on the blog through the week.

So go out there, spread the good news! Get your friends, your pets (I know some of you have pet Facebook pages) and loved ones to like Fabric Heart on Facebook and I will reward you all.

Fabric Mail


Sooo… I bought more fabric (big surprise) online. was having a huge sale and I couldn’t pass it up. I often go to my fabric stash for fabric for a quilt and I find that I don’t really have a stash. I usually get the amount I need and use it. In theory that is the way to go. In actuality it limits what I can make because I’m limited to what I can find in an area around me. So I bought some fabric to add to the stash. I got some cotton.

Nothing that really goes together but things that will be fun in upcoming projects.

I love the little¬†kites and suns. Of course I could not pass up the sale with out some…..


The snow flakes go with a Christmas quilt that I have fabric waiting for but needed more. Just look at those mushrooms! They are too cute!

¬†I ordered one more flannel but it was out… too bad. I love fabric mail days, they make me happy!